RPG Maker MV (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Lilly K. 27.11.2021

Review for RPG Maker MV on Nintendo Switch

RPG Maker MV is part of a long line of RPG Maker games. Developed by the Japanese company Kadokawa Games, this title is now available for Nintendo Switch, and allows players to create their own RPG world. It was published in the West in mid 2020 by NIS America. Here's a look at it.

The idea of this title is certainly amazing. Creating you own custom RPG, with its story, characters, and settings, is something many wish for. Since not everyone is well-versed in game development, though, RPG Maker MV offers what is otherwise unattainable for many. However, there is one big flaw in this idea. It is too complex. While it could be argued that it takes a lot of learning, that developing RPGs is complex by default, and that those who don't enjoy this title are just too lazy to get into it, it cannot be denied that there is a certain guidance missing.

There is a tutorial that explains the main functions, but after that, potential creators are left on their own, with a million possibilities. These may be a positive and a negative aspect to this game. On the one hand, it allows a multitude of scenarios and designs. On the other hand, for someone just starting out, this massive number of possibilities tends to be overwhelming. The tutorial is too short, and simply does not cover the breadth of things, which is extremely disappointing for creators who are not knowledgeable about game design and its jargon. Additionally, it is not possible to replay the tutorial once completed, which is incredibly annoying.

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Another problem could be the decision of button mapping for this title. It can get confusing very quickly to navigate menus, add or delete things, and change settings. While allowing portable RPG creation due to the nature of the Nintendo Switch is definitely an interesting aspect, a title like this works better on a computer. It is somewhat disappointing that it didn't make use of the touchscreen, as this could have made things a lot easier. While it is a lot of fun to create, starting small is key. There are predesigned maps available, and these can help new creators get used to some more basics. These maps can be changed to certain specifications, and enemies can be added. Character creation is also quite enjoyable, with not only different possibilities for looks but also voices.

Indeed, RPG Maker MV offers everything that is necessary in order to create an enjoyable RPG. Creators can design maps, dungeons, characters and their voices, as well as customise enemies and add sounds, music, character interactions and stories. As such, everything is technically available to create an RPG - it is just extremely complex. A simple manual as part of the game would have been extremely helpful, or a guided tutorial that allowed to create an own story's first chapter to get used to the controls and understanding what different menus are for. This is not the case however, so players will have to make do with trial and error.

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RPG Maker MV has everything it takes to make an RPG. However, the complexity makes it unenjoyable and often frustrating, especially for players that are not well-versed in the ways of creating RPGs. It is simply too much effort to create a single map, not because of the work needed to design it, but because of endlessly trying to figure out how to achieve certain goals. While the simple portability of this title, due to the nature of the Nintendo Switch, is definitely a positive, this title cannot easily be recommended to newcomers in RPG creation.




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