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By Athanasios 24.03.2022

Review for KUR on PC

The current retro trend is a lot of things. It's the perfect occasion for long forgotten IPs (and even game mechanics) to re-emerge, as well as a way for developers to capitalise on nostalgia. One of the worst things regarding this whole love towards old-school gaming, is the fact that many stick the retro label on their new project, and call it a day, not paying attention to the thing that's most important than anything else. More important than the fun factor even. A product, must be a complete product, a little detail that KUR sort of forgot while leaving the world of Early Access.

Movement in KUR is a bit clunky, aiming feels a bit off, and upon remapping controls one can realise that 'right' is actually 'left,' but somehow the developer hasn't realised that mistake before releasing this. This is basically the problem here. There are many more flaws to talk about, like graphical glitches, performance issues, cut-scenes that don't play, or how unbalanced everything is, whether that's enemy damage, ammo economy, and so on. In the end, all these are fine in a piece of software tagged as Early Access… but this is a full release, which begs the question: why?! Why throw months of work out of the window, and don't spend any time polishing your game?

Yes, patches will eventually come, so one can just wait a bit. Technical issues put aside, however, does this provide any reason to endure the wait? In all honesty, the answer is 'no,' and that comes from someone who is really glad of the re-appearance of the so called "boomer shooters" (hate the label, love the games). The moment-to-moment gameplay just isn't very enjoyable, which is a shame, as there are some interesting ideas here. Err… make that one interesting idea actually[/i].

Screenshot for KUR on PC

This is very generic in terms of the gunplay involved, to the point that there is nothing to talk about. The protagonist runs around, shoots at - simplistic AI-wise - baddies that come near or shoot their own guns, and then collect money to buy more equipment (in-level). That's it. Nothing worthy of mention. The only real addition in KUR is a… kick(?!). This move, apart from doing what you expect it to (hit enemies or objects towards enemies), it can also be used to reach a higher location (by kicking the floor, basically), or wall jump and reach secret areas and the like. Neat? Yes. Enough to save the game? No.

At the end of the day, this feels like a proof of concept, rather than something that's really done. It's also worth mentioning that it just isn't very appealing, with the environments in particular ranging from bland areas full of vibrant colours, to those who fall into the category "I can't understand what I'm looking at." The - supposedly - dark humour on offer also tends to lean more towards cringy than pleasantly silly, but as is always the case with humour, you have to experience it for yourself and decide. This is a shooter, though, so the problem was never the quality of its comedic aspect…

Screenshot for KUR on PC

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KUR doesn't have what it takes to join the slowly, but steadily growing family of old-but-modern FPS games. The gunplay is generic at best, the visuals not that appealing, and, most importantly, this is undoubtedly a title that left Early Access way too early. Wait for many an update before trying this out.


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