Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Athanasios 20.08.2022

Review for Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire on Nintendo Switch

The… "thing" of the Pretty Girls franchise has always been the fusion of cute/sexy anime girls, with a casual-friendly pastime, along the lines of something like Mah-jong, Solitaire, and so on. Those who want to try out Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire will get exactly what they wanted from it, as it follows the same exact formula as before, with no deviations whatsoever. The only question that matters is how good this addition to the series is. Read on, for the look at the Switch port.

Some Pretty Girls instalments run inexplicably slow, and had mediocre-quality visuals with low resolution and so on. This is thankfully not one of them. In fact, this might be the most finely polished in the whole series. The UI is helpful, loading is super-fast, and the girls have clear designs, and bright, vibrant colours. From a technical standpoint, this is great. What about from a gameplay perspective, though?

Well, it's solitaire. This won't go into the specifics for those who aren't aware of what solitaire is, just know that this is solitaire… with a twist - and no, that's not about the heavy bosomed lady in the left of the screen. The 'Four Kings' in Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire is for the four columns where one has to throw all cards. So far so good. The twist here, is that, apart from the first column which follows the standard 1, 2, 3, 4, etc patter, the other three follow a completely different one, forcing you to play a bit more strategically.

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Being a Pretty Girls entry, playing unlocks more cuties to decorate your screen. Eight of them, divided between four different difficulty settings, and with one additional costume per girl. Stylistically, the small cast is mostly comprised of top heavy waifus, whereas most instalments covered all "tastes." No complaints from yours truly, just a word of caution for those who are into more slender, low-fat figures (pathetic). In terms of gameplay, the different difficulty settings means that you have fewer slots to put the cards you take from the deck, although players still get the same amount of helping abilities no matter the chosen level of challenge.

To wrap things up, this is very good. One of the best in the series. Oh, and it should always be mentioned that this is a series that has found its best home on the system, due to its portability. Just note that this is much more entertaining with touch controls. What keeps this from being something that's "just" very good? Once more, the lack of a decent replay value. Most will be able to acquire what there is to acquire in an evening or two (or three if you ogle at the girls for too long), but after that the only reason to return are the online leaderboards, where you fight for the best times.

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So. Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire. Another casual game with sexy anime women serving as the extra tasty appetiser. The good? It is fun, works like a charm, and the cutties are well endowed. The bad? Unless here for the leaderboards, this won't last for long. But the cutties are still well endowed…









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