Cuphead & The Delicious Last Course (PlayStation 4) Review

By Albert Lichi 08.06.2023

Review for Cuphead & The Delicious Last Course on PlayStation 4

Cuphead & The Delicious Last Course is what can be best described as the complete Cuphead experience. Since the game originally came out in 2017, it has had many bug fixes, tweaks, minor improvements and, of course, The Delicious Last Course. With the DLC and the core game in its most refined and finished state, there has been no better time to give this diabolical 2D run-and-gunner a chance. Veterans who tried it way back in 2017 will surely find that a lot has changed, and the newly-added content will give them the most bang for their buck. Does the latest version feel fuller than ever, or does it leave gamers feeling hungry?

Other than its unrelenting difficulty, Cuphead was best remembered for its unbelievable artistry and craftsmanship. The animation style from the 1920s and 30s was faithfully recreated with deft hands, and meticulous care poured into the fluidity of each frame. This was no mere pixel art throwback like most indie games; the developers went really old-school - to an art form that has been long dead. Even the backgrounds are all handmade with traditional media. Brushstrokes and the subtleties of ink on grainy paper give Cuphead a very human texture that is never seen in most games. Some parts incorporate physical models in the background that give a greater sense of diversity in styles.

The same virtuoso talent was kept consistent in The Delicious Last Course. This expansion has been integrated into the core game in a way that tries to make it feel like it was always meant to be. It isn't the most perfect solution since it still feels disconnected to the greater tapestry of the story and gameplay. The battle with Chef Saltbaker has no bearing on the plot with the Devil or King Dice. This seemed like a missed opportunity to also expand the ending slightly; this way the entire package could have felt more cohesive.

Returning veterans who haven't played Cuphead since it came out and are looking to start fresh with Cuphead & The Delicious Last Course are going to find some new surprises in the vanilla game. There are fully animated cutscenes added at key moments and there is a new title screen. Parrying and collision feels much tighter and more accurate.

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Nobody is going to play Cuphead & The Delicious Last Course for its story. What everyone wants is slick animation, creative boss fights and the vividly lurid style of the old-timey cartoons. Thankfully, this DLC delivers all that and more. Compounded with the eight new bosses, Ms. Chalice is playable, and there are new weapons and charms to further expand the customization options.

Ms. Chalice is a unique addition to Cuphead. Not only can she now participate in the vanilla stages, she also makes many parts of the game easier. This is due to her double-jump ability; she is able to get around more threats with less of a hassle than Cuphead or Mugman. Her dodge is also her parry - a small change with big ramifications for how to approach many of the bosses. With the tweaks in control and added manoeuvrability, Ms. Chalice is a great alternative for anyone who struggled in the vanilla release. During the run-and-gun stages, her move-set greatly decreased the challenge of some of the cruel jumps and enemy placement. Her only drawback is that she loses a charm slot. When playing as Ms. Chalice, the player is still using either Cuphead or Mugman - what has changed is that they have to wear a badge that makes them switch places with Ms. Chalice.

Having a new playable character is refreshing, but the main events are the bosses. Every single one of these villains are unsurprisingly brutal. The Delicious Last Course took a long time to make, and the developers likely wanted to ensure that these battles would last and make an unforgettable impression. Each one delivers the goods - anyone who wanted more Cuphead is served, as this is exactly what this expansion offers. All bosses have multiple phases and there is never a moment where the heroes can catch a breath. No matter what, it is always as if some of the boss attacks are ruses that are duping the player into a trap for another attack that has yet to come.

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Cuphead & The Delicious Last Course is absolutely recommended to anyone who never played the original when it came out. Everyone else will get lots of fun out of the DLC, but it all depends on how much the vanilla game was enjoyed. Cuphead & The Delicious Last Course is more of the same, and for some people, Cuphead is already an acquired taste.


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