A Gummy's Life (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Steven Mattern 10.06.2023

Review for A Gummy

In the high budget space for video games, you almost never come across couch multiplayer titles. Oftentimes, the indie scene fills those shoes. We've seen games such as Overcooked and Gang Beasts rise to fill that spot. A Gummy's Life, developed and published by EP games, tries to meet that same market. Unfortunately, it does not quite meet expectations.

A Gummy's Life is very simple. Pick your Gummy with varying designs and stats, and hash it out in various minigames with up to 15 other players. To be honest the player count is possibly the game's biggest strength, albeit a bit backwards. Online is limited to eight players, but couch co-op is maxed at 16. You'd be forgiven if you thought it was the other way around.

To add on to it, A Gummy's Life supports cross-play with the PC version. Cross-play is always a plus in multiplayer games and it's worth commending every time it is available. Sometimes, it can be seen as a feature that gets taken for granted. Unfortunately, at the time of reviewing, the servers were a ghost town, so for this review, the game was played locally with AI opponents.

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The gameplay is very simple and there is some enjoyment to be had. There are 17 Gummies to choose from with a wide variety of colour choices. Each of them has three different stats affecting the power and speed of your Gummy. There is a noticeable difference between Gummies, but the physics of the game largely throws that into the water once you start punching and grabbing other players. Therefore, picking the one that looks best to you and not worrying about the stats is the way to go.

There are 15 stages in total across the four modes. These are Free-for-All, King of the Hill, Hot Potato and Team Deathmatch. A curious choice by EP Games is that there is a Recommended Stages option when selecting your play areas for the multi-match bout. Why choose to not recommend stages you make? For the stages themselves, there is a decent variety, but the bright colour scheme is very overdone.

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A Gummy's Life is a simple game with a hook that fails to reel in the player base it needs. Still, the element of cross-play shouldn't be overlooked. Gummy diversity is lacking in terms of stats for each and the physics systems support that fact. The variety of stages is decent, but the vibrancy is overblown. However, with a group of friends either online or at home, there might be a quick laugh to be had from this silly little title.


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