Melatonin (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 16.06.2023

Review for Melatonin on Nintendo Switch

Created by Canadian developer Half Asleep Games, Melatonin takes soft pastel hand-drawn images and explores the myriad of topics dreams involve using a rhythm game element that changes with each of the twenty plus levels. How does it compare to other music games?

Previous knowledge of rhythm games is not necessary, and, in fact, may hinder the ability to immerse in the unique nature of Melatonin. There is not one standard style of rhythm game that is applied across all levels; very few are hit notes in direct response to the music.

Every single stage has a different way to play that is learned in the practice mode, which, thankfully, can be repeated as many times as desired. Some levels take a few failed tries to understand the rhythm of the game, and they can be made easier by turning on accessibility options.

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Each of the five chapters has several levels to navigate, with a final level consisting of the previous levels combined in a mash-up that must be successfully completed before the next in-game night can commence. This is an entertaining way of ending an area, although if a level is hated the first time round, it is doubly hated in the compilation, which switches quite rapidly between the previous stages.

The menu is simplistic in style with a decent range of options to change for audio and the previously mentioned accessibility options. Both the menu and the levels themselves benefit from a relaxing soundtrack, which balances out the high concentration and occasional frustration felt when tackling harder stages. What would have been nice is an audio theatre where the music could be listened to without having to play the levels.

Replay value is high for completionists who want to cross off all the achievements available. Most are achieved by playing all the levels through just once, but the rest will need dedicated play. After the initial playthrough, levels can be replayed in any order.

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The colour palette may look gentle, but Melatonin is not quite one to wind down with before bed, despite being all about imagination. This atypical rhythm game's difficulty can be eased in the settings, although some levels are still hard to conquer for veterans. The clever way the levels are constructed gives this title a quirkiness that definitely sets it apart.


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Half Asleep





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