ConnecTank (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 18.06.2023

Review for ConnecTank on Nintendo Switch

Heralding from the same company that created Harvest Moon: One World, Natsume Inc teamed up with YummyYummyTummy to create 2D action adventure ConnecTank, previously previewed by Cubed3 two years ago. Become a courier of Paldea, choosing who you do jobs for and delivering produce in a tank! Navigate your way through dangerous routes whose successful completion lead to tank parts and money to buy upgrades. How does the full game of ConnecTank fare?

At the very start of ConnecTank there is no menu screen with the expected new game option; instead, players simply choose a mechanic from a small pool of characters, before getting thrown into a battle tutorial that shows how to move the conveyor belt parts around.

The protagonist has natural strength and can lug around belts and other parts on the tank's deck to help get it in working order to defend against the opposition's attacks.

There are different types of ammo and to create each one requires certain elements to be put in. If the wrong ammo is created the attack value is diminished greatly, as each of the three colours - red, yellow and blue - have a strength and weakness. In the heat of battle, there is thankfully a small poster on screen showing which colours can beat each other, so should there be confusion it can be easily recalled.

All tanks have a weakness, and once that is discovered it will be displayed, making future battles easier to focus on which ammo works the best. Tank health for both sides is displayed at the top of the screen, so can be glanced at from time to time during battle.

Screenshot for ConnecTank on Nintendo Switch

At the end of battle, money and new tank parts are received, and there's a multiple choice option to choose a new equipment piece. Money is not exclusively for tank upgrades; by funding research projects, more new parts can be acquired, and once funded, a free prototype is given to try in battle, while they can be purchased in some of the shops for good measure.

Not all fights are equal in bounty. Some will improve trust between companies, and others will focus on providing more cash, which is needed for parts and upgrades. Both types are needed to advance successfully in the story, as is a variety of tanks needed in reserve, since no single tank will be able to attack all enemy weak spots. The better the relationship with a company, the higher the financial gain from successful missions. It is up to the player which company to find favour with, although at the start it is predominantly work for Fat Cat.

Where to go next is shown on a screen that is almost like a board game, with more than one path to advance along, providing choice on how to proceed. Once a direction is selected, it is not possible to go and try the other path, but perhaps later in the story the other branches can be tried.

Question mark areas introduce new characters and scenarios. From the suppliers and mechanics to Fat Cat himself, the style and personalities behind each quirky character is distinct, and favourites can soon be picked.

Screenshot for ConnecTank on Nintendo Switch

Cubed3 Rating

Rated 8 out of 10

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Rated 8 out of 10

Fast and furious battles may not suit everyone's taste, but the constant humour between character interactions and myriad of options to create strong tanks to crush the opposition make ConnecTank a highly enjoyable and unique game.









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