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WarioWare: Snapped! (DSiWare) Review

Review for WarioWare: Snapped! on DSiWare - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review

The WarioWare series started off as a great collection of mini/micro-games that were aimed to deliver fast-paced, punchy gameplay that was addictive enough to warrant constant replay once the whole shebang was over. Now, though, it has been turned into a franchise that shows off new technology, with Twisted! testing out tilting on the Game Boy Advance, Touched! showing off the wonders of the Nintendo DS touch-screen and Smooth Moves wowing gamers with its inventive uses of the Wii Remote's motion control. Now along comes WarioWare: Snapped! from Intelligent Systems (the developer behind Fire Emblem and Paper Mario), which aims to show off the DSi's internal camera recognition software.

Rather than taking the retail release route with this latest WarioWare outing, Nintendo has chosen to bring Snapped! out as a download for the DSiWare service that opened up alongside the launch of the Nintendo DSi in Europe in the hope of showing new owners the extra potential of the system's internal camera. The game is based around the idea of Wario opening up his own theme park with four different rollercoaster rides within. This does not actually mean each of the micro-games are based on rollercoasters, though, as players will be asked to use their camera-monitored movements to carry out such tasks as blowing someone away (breathing into the microphone whilst moving closer towards the camera), cooling people down (flapping your hands back and forth), kissing various creatures (move your head around and pout when near the on-screen faces), swatting flies and catching coins (moving your hands and making a grabbing motion with each hand), as well pouring water into onto someone's hair and into a plant pot (tilting your head from side-to-side), along with several other embarrassing activities.

There are plenty of others on offer, and most of the fun is stumbling across the crazier ones. Thankfully Snapped's mini-games are just as addictive as previous outings, despite the general brevity of the title, meaning players will come back from time-to-time just for another throw of the die. Upon completing all five micro tasks on each of the four stages there is an amusing little slideshow highlighting your best moments in the form of video playback of your wacky movements, comic-book styled frames of your poses, complete with varying bits of text in speech bubbles for comedic effect, snapshots of you with extra features added (hats, glasses, fake teeth…and so on). Also, once back on the main menu screen, playing behind the game's logo on the top screen there is a continuously looping montage of ALL your recorded movements so far in that particular session, all of which are played to the tune of the game's old fashioned comical soundtrack, helping to make the sped-up video sequence all the more amusing.

Screenshot for WarioWare: Snapped! on DSiWare - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review

Despite the impressive levels of user-created content and resulting humour from the game's special enhancements, there are some negative points that drag Snapped down considerably, and may well put some players off the game completely. The major flaw has to be that players have to be in exactly the right conditions to play it due to the nature of how the camera recognition works. WarioWare: Snapped! is by no means a title that will be messed around with on the bus or train, since the DSi needs to be rested on a stable surface with the top screen slightly tilted, the lighting conditions need to be tweaked accordingly and you also need to ensure that whatever is directly behind clearly contrasts with your skin tone. Sadly the wallpaper in my living room is apparently too similar to my skin colour, thus I needed to go elsewhere to get the camera to recognise anything. This goes a long way to totally negate the whole portable factor of the DSi as unless you find the right setting playing the game is practically an impossible feat. Furthermore, this leads to another issue where players are required to reposition themselves before the commencement of another mini-game. Whilst the DSi camera may have been able to pick up your features perfectly a few seconds prior, on many occasions it will simply refuse to acknowledge your presence at all after that. Frustratingly this can then lead to a complete timeout whereby the game presumes you have gone away from the action completely and thus forces you back to the main menu, losing any progress made so far on that stage. After this happening even a few times it can lead to the game being turned off, complete with a few expletives thrown in for good measure...

The other disappointment stems from the lack of extras included in the package. Whilst the game only costs 500 Nintendo Points, it barely offers any real reason to come back and experience it all over again. The two-player mode is extremely limited, there are no high scores to beat, no extra challenges to unlock and players cannot even save their hilarious video sequences to either the internal DSi memory, or even an external SD card to then share with friends. Everything feels like a tech-demo, which is perfectly fine if you used some of your free 1,000 Points, yet if you fork over cold, hard cash instead, you could feel a little hard done by. What Nintendo was trying to achieve was to show that the DSi's camera can be used for far more than simple photographs and if gamers jump into WarioWare: Snapped! realising that, instead of expecting a full-blown game, then great bite-sized fun shall be had...

Screenshot for WarioWare: Snapped! on DSiWare - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review


The basis behind using the DSi's internal camera is very impressive indeed, with motion controls similar to the EyeToy now being possible in handheld format. Sadly the unreliability of the camera in picking up players outlines to begin with spoils the experience slightly.


Pretty basic stuff, as expected from the WarioWare series now, with merely functional visuals that do not push the DS hardware in the slightest.


Whilst few in number, the tunes throughout help to make the whole experience far funnier than it could have been.


Whilst only 500 Points, with just over a handful of mini-games, a limited two-player mode included, no extra challenges and not even the ability to save the hilarious video sequences created during play, Snapped is far too short.

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WarioWare: Snapped! follows in the footsteps of its GameCube and DS predecessors in proving to be a great example of how the technology at hand can work, yet ultimately failing to live up to the series' original roots on the GBA. Therefore, whilst admittedly still lots of fun on the whole, the overall experience is somewhat lacking and ends up feeling quite shallow.

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Senior ModeratorStaff Member

That's a huge shame, because I've loved every Warioware title to bits...

If I ever get a DSi, I just hope I don't have the lighting problems you had either, that sounds like a huge pain in the arse! Thanks for the review anyway Adam, you coulda saved me a lot of money there! Smilie

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Well you do get the game free for the next six months, so..

I have had no problems with the camera myself.

I agree with the overall score, but I would still say it\'s a great game in the Wario Ware series. It\'s great fun in the right setting *drunk*.

I\'m glad you cannot record videos Smilie

( Edited 07.04.2009 18:33 by Linkyshinks )

I think it\'s pretty good, hilarious when it plays back the sneakily recorded videos of you playing. Smilie I did have problems getting the camera to find me the first time, worked a treat the second time though when I tried it in a different room. But yeah, definitely not something you can play spontaneously, which is a shame.
And it\'s definitely way too short, indeed to the extent that it feels like a tech-demo, not a game. That said, for 500 points, it\'s still worth grabbing, especially with the 1000 free points at the moment. Smilie

Would still have preferred a full WarioWare game for say 1000 points though.

Good review. Smilie

( Edited 07.04.2009 18:54 by Ikana )

3DS Friend Code: 4425-1453-7061

Yeah the review is spot on, but the game is still loads of fun to play. When I first downloaded it, I played it for nearly two hours before I realized it! I also love to watch the ending videos to see how goofy I looked after I finished a set of mini games. I do have to say that I definitely think it's more of a 200 point download if that, but as Linkyshinks says, it is free for those of us who've got the DSi's now.

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

It's rapidly gone from being a short burst of fun for myself and my wife to the game I use to best show off the DSi whilst at work...It's great for what it is, but it is nowhere near the same standard people have come to expect from the WarioWare series, despite the cheap price-tag.

A bite-sized piece of fun sums it up just fine.

Aquite, Pyoro, Code and Paper Plane are all pretty enjoyable as well, especially Skip's puzzle efforts. I'll try and get reviews of those done as well Smilie

Adam Riley < Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited >
Word of Adam | Voice123 Profile | AdamC3 on Twitter

Not sold on this one at all, so there goes my reason for getting a DSi right now! Ta Adam, good review but confirmed my worries about the amount of content and the possibility of the camera messing up (it did it even in an official Nintendo video of Iwata playing, took a while for it to recognise his hands).

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

There is something like a total of 20 micro-games, which is nothing compared to a standard WarioWare title, even the short GameCube multiplayer version.

As for the camera, it's really awkward - the two-player mode is practically impossible to get working!

Adam Riley < Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited >
Word of Adam | Voice123 Profile | AdamC3 on Twitter

If the camera worked a bit better and you could save the photo videos, this game would be epic and played over and over again.
I use it as pretty much a tech demo when I'm with friends

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