Red Dead Redemption (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Albert Lichi 14.09.2023

Review for Red Dead Redemption on Nintendo Switch

Red Dead Revolver faced adversity during development: budget constraints, team shifts, and potential cancellation loomed in the background. Like a Spaghetti Western hero, the developers persevered, believing their creation would transcend its era. It became a cult classic upon release. In a surprising twist, Red Dead Redemption emerged in 2010, overshadowing Red Harlow's legacy. It achieved classic status and spawned Red Dead Redemption II, a massive hit. Both Revolver and Redemption II are available on current gen consoles, and now Red Dead Redemption has been ported to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Is it still worth the ride on Nintendo's hybrid console? Find out here!

The allure of wild, lawless wilderness is fading in the face of modernisation and civilisation's relentless march. Caught in this crossfire is John Marston, haunted by his past choices. As the old ways crumble, Marston and his comrades must decide between clinging to outlaw traditions or embracing encroaching order. This choice resonates throughout the land, shaping destinies and the fate of a changing world. Marston, entangled in his criminal past, seeks redemption in the turbulent Wild West. The government calls him to bring his former gang to justice, blurring the lines between right and wrong.

Amidst betrayals and treacherous alliances, Marston confronts not only bullets but also the ghosts of his past. His quest for redemption leads to a journey of revelations, striving to cast off the weight of his sins in a lawless world. In Red Dead Redemption's open world, freedom and isolation are dominant themes, painted across the untamed frontier.

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Players freely explore this land on horseback or on foot, amid wildlife and lurking dangers. The world comes to life with scurrying creatures and grazing livestock, but danger also lurks in the form of predators and marauding banditos to assail unsuspecting adventurers.

This re-release of Red Dead Redemption includes the Undead Nightmare expansion, transforming the frontier into a zombie apocalypse. In this alternate timeline, John must survive zombie hordes, using ammunition as currency. This unique twist on the core systems stands out, even though the multiplayer component has been removed. It offers a shorter mini campaign with the same attention to detail and period-appropriate banter. Players will face 'back-against-the-wall' combat against ghouls in familiar locations, fending off waves of zombies. The Switch port impressively maintains a steady frame rate, even during intense action sequences.

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While the PlayStation 4 version lacks enhancements, Red Dead Redemption runs smoothly on the Nintendo Switch hardware. Both versions run at a stable 30 frames per second and display at 1080p, an improvement from the previous 720p and sub-30fps performance. Assets remain unchanged, contributing to the gritty Wild West atmosphere. The muddy textures and rugged low-res visuals make characters appear to be slathered in filth and dry dirt. It is as if it has been caked into their pores with layers of dry sweat.

Red Dead Redemption still looks impressive, though some may wish for optional motion blur effects to improve cutscenes. Rockstar prioritises the Nintendo Switch version, likely the main reason for bringing back Red Dead Redemption. The PlayStation 4 version seems obligatory, as the console remains a market leader and would have been the only one without access to this title.

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Red Dead Redemption, a polished seventh gen experience, excels in its era. However, its playability has always been a challenge. The gunplay and cover mechanics can be unreliable, with John's movements feeling sluggish and animations lengthy. The emphasis on realistic animations sometimes makes the gameplay tedious. The dead-eye mechanic compensates for the lack of a skill ceiling, given John's weighty physics. This lack of urgency can be frustrating, especially in high-stakes situations where quick and precise movements are crucial.

One of the reasons for these deliberate, realistic animations is the title's commitment to creating an immersive and authentic Wild West experience. Red Dead Redemption places a high priority on animation to enhance the realism of the presented world. While this commitment to realism is admirable, it can also contribute to a sense of tedium for some players in the long run.

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Despite its gameplay flaws, Red Dead Redemption is a classic on seventh gen consoles. Its well-crafted characters and script are among the era's best. It's a technological marvel with meticulous attention to detail. While the gameplay may require adaptation on the player's part, it's worth it because Red Dead Redemption's overall experience is greater than the sum of its individual parts.






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