Logiart Grimoire (PC) Review

By Lilly Kirchner 27.09.2023

Review for Logiart Grimoire on PC

Developer Jupiter is well known for its Picross series. Indeed, it could be called the master of Picross puzzles, also known as Nonograms, for consoles such as Super NES, Game Boy, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Switch. The quality of the puzzles and games overall has always been marvellous, so it is with great excitement to get a look at Jupiter's latest project: Logiart Grimoire! What does it have in store?

Logiart Grimoire is currently only available on Steam, but is planned to release on Nintendo Switch in the future. This time, Jupiter has thought of something a little bit different from its usual Picross games. Logiart Grimoire combines two types of puzzles; Logiart, what has also been known as Picross puzzles, and Fusion, a word puzzle.
The Logiart part should be known to anyone familiar with the Picross series, but as a quick reminder, these number puzzles consist of grids, with each row and column showing numbers at the end. These numbers indicate how many squares need to be filled in that particular row or column. Once a grid is completed, it usually shows a picture of something.
Fusion, on the other hand, is something new. By completing the Logiart puzzles, players uncover a variety of terms that are necessary to work on the fusion puzzles. Here, a few sentences hint at which terms to combine to create a new Logiart puzzle.

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The title may give it away, but the story focuses on Logiart's Grimoire, a magical book which has become scrambled and needs to be put back into its original state. This can be achieved by the player solving the puzzles within. Each chapter in the book has a different topic with corresponding Logiart puzzles. Starting with Logiart puzzles, players uncover a small number of terms by solving them, which then can be used in Fusion. By completing Fusion puzzles, new Logiart puzzles are revealed. This design results in an enriching variety of brain teasers to keep the player hooked. It is indeed a game that is difficult to put down!

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Visually, Logiart Grimoire has an incredibly cute setup that includes Emil, the custodian of the grimoire. Since he is unable to solve the puzzles himself, he asks the player to help him. Emil is a mysterious and magical being that entertains the player with small facts and stories. He is very cute and his 3D model is beautifully detailed and moves fluidly.
Indeed, graphically the game looks very good, even if it is simple in nature. The theme of the whole title is very well balanced, with darker, magical colours to strengthen the magical sensations this title gives off. The mysterious, magical soundtrack underlines this design in a beautiful way. It is a very calming, relaxing title, but feels more interactive than previous Picross titles due to its background story and Emil's chitchat.

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The puzzles range from easy to quite difficult and provide a good challenge for even seasoned players. There are tutorials available, but these can be skipped, which is a feature that is highly appreciated. Additionally, players can choose to make use of helpful features for the Logiart puzzles. With these, it is possible to show correct or incorrect rows or columns, autocorrect mistakes or use Hint Roulette at the start of a puzzle, which autofills a single row and column.
As of now, Logiart Grimoire is still in development and certain features are not yet available. Regardless of this fact, the game is already a joy to experience.

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Logiart Grimoire is a simple game, and yet it's obvious that the developers have poured a lot of thought and love into it. The whole theming of this title is amazing, and it is truly great to play and uncover more chapters and puzzles over time. Emil is a great companion and friend, and the puzzles are both relaxing and challenging. This is a must-have for anyone that loves Picross.








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