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By Adam Riley 08.06.2009 4

Review for Pass Your Driving Theory Test on Nintendo DS

Getting yourself onto the road and behind the wheel of some fancy car as quickly as possible may be the dream of many, but in order to do so you must take things step-by-step, the first of which is to cross the Driving Theory Test hurdle. For those that do not like the idea of rushing out to buy a boring old book, now there is another option - pick up 'Pass Your Driving Theory Test' for the Nintendo DS. But just how extensive is the package, and does it warrant purchasing it above the standard route people take?

It must be stressed from the start that those jumping to the 'final score' at the end and looking confused must try to realise that such a product on a gaming system should not really be classified in the same way traditional games are. Therefore, obviously seeing the outcome of this review does not mean it is being recommended over portable titles such as Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, Big Bang Mini or Broken Sword (for want of naming a few recent high scoring DS releases). This is a tool dedicated to helping people revise and eventually pass their Driving Theory Test, which just so happens to be the first major hurdle on the way to driving a car.

As soon as 'Pass Your Driving Theory Test' (or PYDTT as it will be henceforth called for the purposes of brevity) is booted up, players are given two save files so a friend can set up a profile as well. Upon setting up your own personal file there are four main options to choose from: Quick Test, DSA, Custom Test and Mock Theory. There is also a Help button that explains what each mode consists of, Options so players can change the question set from 'Car' to 'Motorbike' and back again, as well as modify their preferred hand setting (the DS is held like a book, so altering the orientation for using the touch-screen if left-handed is obviously essential), plus standard Credits and Back to the Main Menu choices.

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Going step-by-step through the main modes, Quick Test is for anyone in somewhat of a hurry, letting people test themselves on a limited number of randomly selected questions from the official Driving Standards Agency database (of which there are 1,265 on offer). Within this, and the other practice modes, there is the ability to avoid the duplication of already correctly answered questions so as to prevent boredom setting in. Moving onto the DSA mode, this is a rather more in-depth part of the package. When the DSA publishes its official test questions, they are broken down into fourteen different groups, each focusing on a particular area of the competence required. This mode serves up a way for candidates to identify certain specific sectors of the test that they are presently weakest and ensure these can be worked on at a later stage. In order to keep a track of where the underachievement is occurring, PYDTT keeps a track of results, presenting data in the form of a statistics chart that clearly highlights where improvements need to be made.

After finding out where you are going wrong it is time to move on to the Custom Test, where you yourself can take control of which category of questions is best to target so as to wipe out those deficiencies in the education process. Simply increase or decrease the number of questions chosen by the computer from the fourteen skill bases and away you go. However, again there is a stats screen to monitor progress, meaning you are never left blind. In addition, any questions answered correctly or otherwise are also fully explained should you wish to understand more behind the right response. The hand-holding process really does help for those who get easily overwhelmed by the learning process. Finally, there is the actual Mock Test, where you must answer fifty questions in fifty-seven minutes. Questions can be flagged and returned to later if initially stuck, but there is no help in this - just as there is nobody to help you along in the real-life test. PYDTT definitely has everything you need to pass your driving theory test, so the lack of flashy graphics, any distracting soundtrack or pointless mini-games can be forgiven. However, perhaps a two-player head-to-head question competition might have been a nice inclusion, or even a few video clip examples. Yet at the end of it all, you will be paying a mere £19.99 or under for a product that is DSA-approved and co-developed with the Learner Driver Centres, the UK's third largest driving school, plus comes with a free driving lesson voucher worth £26.

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The key thing to remember about Pass Your Driving Theory Test is that most Theory Test books cost between £5 and £12.50, depending on where you search. This interactive DS version, on the other hand, has a Recommended Retail Price of £19.99, with places like Amazon UK actually stocking it for roughly £14 AND it comes with a free Driving Lesson voucher worth £26. So, all-in-all, with its ease of portability, range of testing methods and general user-friendly set-up, people should really look no further than this package if they want the best value for money...









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Hmm - tis pretty good, I Have something similar for me DS - not the best "game", but useful and the interactive nature for me keeps me going I think.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Hmmm you know Adam, I was kinda puzzled with the scoring, but I get what you did and it makes a lot of sense. You gave it a mark on how well the game achieved it's purpose rather than rating it as a normal game. Very good work man! Smilie

Yep, sensible score. Always found it stupid when reviewers give bad scores to things as if they were games, when that's not what they're designed to be. *Grumbles about certain reviews giving Pokémon Box 2/10*

I would have definitely used this rather than reading through the big book if I'd had it four years ago. It's comprehensive and easy-to-use. Job well done!

I notice a lot of sites just didn't bother reviewing this, probably because it's not a 'game', and those that DID just marked it down for not having games included in the package as well. It's not called 'Driving Theory Test Mini-Game Mania' clearly tells people what it is and it does what it sets out to do very well.

Like I said in the review, the only real missed opportunities I could think of that might help with the learning process even more are the lack of video examples and perhaps a head-to-head competition to see who can answer the most Qs correctly in the shortest time.

Cheers for the comments folks Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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