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By Adam Riley 15.11.2010 1

Review for We Sing Robbie Williams on Wii

Cubed3 has already confirmed itself to be a bit of a karaoke fan, with both We Sing and We Sing Encore both receiving high scores. Now Nordic Games has released its third game in just over a year in the form of We Sing Robbie Williams. Is third time the charm, or is it becoming a bit of overkill now? Following a positive first impression at the recent launch event, the developer looks to be on to yet another winner.

Have you ever dreamed of being a pop star, taking control of the microphone and rocking out as if on the main stage with 1,000s of fans screaming your name? Well, for the majority of us, We Sing Robbie Williams is the closest we will ever get to this...and the same goes for the three friends you can bring along for the ride. Nordic Games has made sure that players are not left alone to feel embarrassed singing solo whilst others either stand and stare, or merely bang along on the multi-coloured buttons of various instruments used in certain other music-based titles. In We Sing Robbie Williams there is the possibility of having four microphones hooked up to a USB hub for three friends to join in, even taking on the role of different singers on the various duets featured on the track list (such as Nicole Kidman on Something Stupid or Kylie Minogue on Kids, with there being 25 songs to initially choose from, complete with videos, and one other to unlock).

Other than simply singing along for kicks in the Solo, Party and Karaoke modes, there is a running points total where you are rewarded for hitting the right pitch with your voice, as well as dragging notes out for the correct length of time, during each song. When friends are brought into the mix proceedings definitely become extremely competitive as each person strives to grab the accolade of best singer.

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When on your own, though, there is the opportunity to brush up on your vocal talent by taking part in singing lessons, where the game takes steps to turn you into a professional, and with any luck you will soon be achieving the numerous in-game awards that are available, as well as showing your friends and family exactly how a star really performs in the Party Mode options, like Versus, Group Battle, Pass The Mic, First to X, Marathon, Blind and Expert. Accruing points is definitely one of the principal objectives in We Sing Robbie Williams, and there are many ways to achieve such a goal, with one of the keys being to use the replay function to hear your voice played back (adding strange effects for amusement purposes), or checking the personalised statistics offered at the end of a performance, which gives an idea of where improvement is needed, highlighting how many Star Notes were awarded for getting the most difficult parts of songs spot on and seeing how you did in the Rap Scoring element for in certain songs.

Finally, there is a Jukebox where favourite songs and videos can be watched at leisure, a Playlist to line up your favourite songs and play them in any mode, 16:9 widescreen and anti-lag support for those with HDTVs, the option to sing songs on Easy, Medium or Hard settings (with short or full length versions of each track), and stacks of customisation throughout - definitely something for everyone! Sadly there is still a lack of online play included, so whilst this is probably the best karaoke package on Wii, it limits itself yet again by not offering the chance to purchase new content and store songs on an SD card.

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Nordic Games has taken the wise route of not radically altering the format for We Sing Robbie Williams, instead choosing to offer this up as a moderately tweaked new song pack for fans of the previous two games, and a great prospect for first time players eager to sing along to some of Robbie Williams' greatest hits.









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I'm surprised this hasn't done that well in the UK so far. We Sing is No.26 on the Wii chart this week, We Sing Robbie Williams entered at No.19, whilst We Sing Encore is at No.15... Smilie

The one avenge grace is how strong the legs of game's like this are, especially going into the Christmas period.

Any Cubed3 readers picked it up, or thinking of buying it?

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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