AR Games: Fishing (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Adam Riley 21.03.2011 4

Review for AR Games: Fishing on Nintendo 3DS

Of all the Augmented Reality titles Nintendo has included in the 3DS hardware, many people have been extremely intrigued by the AR Games: Fishing game, given the popularity of the ‘sport.’ Cubed3 takes a closer look at whether or not this particular entry into the AR Games series floats or plummets to the ocean floor.

Once the process of booting up the Augmented Reality in-built code has been completed and AR Games: Fishing has been selected, up pops a little instructional image that informs players that to commence they must tap the ‘A’ button in order to cast the fishing line, complete with a hand-drawn sketch of someone holding a 3DS with a virtual reel coming out of its upper screen and the bait dangling into a pool of water on the surface of a table, with fish circling around. It continues by informing how the fishing rod must be slowly moved left and right through the rippling water (by moving the 3DS) until one of the various fish grab hold of the tackle. After a couple of nibbles, once the main bite has been made, the Nintendo 3DS must be flicked in an upwards motion in order to snatch the catch. Generally, for smaller marine life, moving too quickly will let them break free, whilst the opposite is true for heavier fish, with slow reactions resulting in players missing out.

Screenshot for AR Games: Fishing on Nintendo 3DS

Following the instructions for AR Games: Fishing, a time limit of two minutes is set and it is a case of trying to grab as many fish as possible, preferably of differing varieties (something that is dependent on coloured backgrounds or the in-game time of day, which changes very quickly). Each type collected is given a points rating that relates to how rare it is and its size, and at the tail end of the time limit, the end-of-game dragon appears. Starting off under the water, it then blasts out to start spitting water towards the screen in order to block your vision and hamper your task of capturing it. The player must then quickly use bombs attached to the end of the fishing line to subdue the monster as quickly as possible before finally dragging its heavy carcass out of the depths to accrue a tasty 200 Points, with the total score totted up after the finale, incorporating whatever was gained from collecting other fish in the time allotted.

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AR Games: Fishing alone is a very limited affair and will only keep the attention of Nintendo 3DS owners for the time it takes to collect a few fish and defeat the end-of-game dragon. The concept itself is impressive and shows how the camera could be used for future fishing titles, but the extremely narrow scope of AR Games: Fishing leaves it as one of the weaker Augmented Reality titles included with the 3DS hardware.









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I think I might use this for arguments.

"Oh, really? Well, I can fish on a wall and wherever I want, so your argument is automatically invalid." Smilie

I wonder if Nintendo has something similar for fishing in Ocarina of Time 3D...Smilie I simply love fishing in Zelda games. Smilie

As long as big the cat isn't involved, i'm game.


I'm glad that you're still critical, even though the games are free.
That tells me that the other 2 games must really be good. Smilie

AdamC3 (guest) 23.03.2011#4

There is Free Fishing that can be unlocked later, which is marginally more fun, buy still a simple tech demo. Shooting and AR Shot were more like games.

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