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By Adam Riley 31.03.2011 8

Review for Rabbids 3D on Nintendo 3DS

When Ubisoft first introduced Rabbids into the gaming world, they were hidden behind the name of platform veteran Rayman. However, the Raving Rabbids franchise blossomed on its own merits eventually, becoming a powerhouse seller on Wii thanks to its crazy mini-games and clever use of peripherals such as the Wii Motion Plus add-on and Balance Board, as well as including online play. Rabbids Go Home deviated from the formula slightly, but Travel in Time returned to the crazy mini-game antics once more. Now the time travel shenanigans are back, this time on 3DS, but morphed into a side-scrolling platform romp. Can Rabbids 3D appeal to those yearning for a New Super Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong Country Returns-like 3DS adventure?

The Rabbids certainly do not need much incentive to cause mayhem and run amuck, and in Rabbids 3D, all it takes is for the mischievous rabbit-like critters to stumble into a history museum. What is the worst that could happen, you may ask yourself. Well, amazingly enough they somehow discover time travel exists...through a special Time Washing Machine (hey, if Hot Tub Time Machine can do it, so can the Rabbids!). Will they change the course of history? The answer is extremely obvious - definitely a double dose of yes! Their dastardly plan is to alter events of the past in an attempt to conquer the human world, with you, the player, in control of a little cute Rabbid through side-scrolling levels filled with treacherous spiked pits, crazed monsters with dinosaur eggs and clubs, vines to swing from, disappearing platforms, and much more, all delivered in attractive 2D, or even in glorious three-dimensions with the depth slider pushed to maximum.

En-route, whilst creating such a major historical mess as they go, turning the past upside down, Rabbids are able to collect various costumes that the player can dress the main Rabbid up in purely for the purposes of adding variety to the in-game sprite as the sixty intricately crafted stages are traversed (spread across four time periods). At the conclusion of each run, the total amount of lives remaining, coins collected, and rubber ducks picked up is collated and dependent on how much in-game currency has been accrued, new globes unlock, all of which have Rabbids lounging around in different vistas that can be spun around for viewing pleasure. There are also bonus arenas to compete in, where a set number of points must be collected before the timer hits zero.

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For those looking to truly appreciate the miniature polygonal characters and how they fit into the specially designed worlds and their 3D layering effects, there is the ability to zoom in and out of the action, although for ease of level progression, the latter viewpoint is preferable to prevent unnecessary drops of doom. Talking of simple, most levels are not overly tough, yet they are not a complete breeze to overcome. Dashing around by holding the ‘R’ button, leaping across wide gaps, hopping carefully around to dodge explosive mines, keeping your wits about you and having a steady hand to prevent the Rabbid dropping into a lake of poisonous gas, bouncing off enemies’ heads to reach new heights, and being flung around like a rag doll by a string of consecutive springs - moments such as these all take a keen eye and calm persona to reach the end-of-stage goal. Ubisoft has tried to walk that fine tight-rope, keeping the balance between ‘child’s game’ and ‘something for everyone’ just right, and has succeeded.

As well as the cute visuals, light-hearted and upbeat soundtrack, the zany sound effects and Rabbid grunts all make for an adventure that is suitable for all the family. Be it in the Prehistoric Age or Ancient Egypt - kicking enemies, breaking blocks and reaching that next Check Point never becomes tiresome or frustrating. Rabbids 3D is exactly what platform gamers need for the Nintendo 3DS right now in the absence of anything from Nintendo itself. Wii owners have been treated to Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, A Boy and his Blob, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but until something else comes along, Rabbids 3D is the perfect antidote for 3DS owners yearning to get some platform action under their belt. Not keen on the ageing Rayman 3D? Then be sure to give Rabbids 3D a whirl.

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Whilst Rayman 3D may not appeal to those that played its source material, Rayman 2, numerous times over the years, Ubisoft has delivered something a little more fresh with Rabbids 3D. It may not be the most revolutionary side-scrolling platform adventure, but it packs in enough variety, challenge and sheer fun to make it appeal to fans of the genre looking for something more traditional on the Nintendo 3DS.

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tr0n (guest) 01.04.2011#1

Really didn't like Rayman, so returned it. This sounds fun, though. Might pick it up later. Good review! Smilie

Shinobi (guest) 01.04.2011#2

Great game! Not read many reviews, but this one tipped me over the edge. Bit shorter than I thought, but that's because of my mad skillz, of course Smilie

Picked it up today. Smilie It's £25 in GAME with a voucher that can be picked up in-store.

( Edited 01.04.2011 17:27 by Mason )

Mason said:
Picked it up today. Smilie It's �£25 in GAME with a voucher that can be picked up in-store.

I don't suppose you know how long thats on for? I went to town earlier today, but didn't get to go to GAME, but will most likely be going again in at the weekend

Until the end of April.

Mike, did the game get better for you?

Anyone else played this yet and agree/disagree with the review?

It'll be interesting to see how it does in the UK chart on Monday. It's doing better than nintendogs + cats on Amazon UK, but it's lower than Rayman 3D...

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

So a platformer instead of the mini game collection like the other rabbid games? hmmm ok... O.o rent first

Yeah - I believe it was originally planned as a regular Nintendo DS game, but was upscaled to 3DS in the end. It's good, because even though the 3D effect is subtle, it actually works really well and is very noticeable when you turn the effect off.

It's not a hardcore 2D platform title, but it's extremely solid, highly enjoyable over the 60 levels, and is a MASSIVE improvement over the shaky mini-game fests we normally get from the Rabbids team!

Let us know your thoughts if/when you try it Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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