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Game Name Publisher C3 Score Add
X-COM: ApocalypseX-COM: ApocalypseMicroprose9/10Add X-COM: Apocalypse to your collection Add X-COM: Apocalypse to your wishlist
Xanadu NextXanadu NextXSEED Games9/10Add Xanadu Next to your collection Add Xanadu Next to your wishlist
Xblaze Code: EmbryoXblaze Code: EmbryoAksys6/10Add Xblaze Code: Embryo to your collection Add Xblaze Code: Embryo to your wishlist
Xblaze Lost: MemoriesXblaze Lost: MemoriesAksys5/10Add Xblaze Lost: Memories to your collection Add Xblaze Lost: Memories to your wishlist
XCOM 2XCOM 22K7/10Add XCOM 2 to your collection Add XCOM 2 to your wishlist
XenonautsXenonautsGoldhawk Interactive4/10Add Xenonauts to your collection Add Xenonauts to your wishlist
XenoraidXenoraid10tons7/10Add Xenoraid to your collection Add Xenoraid to your wishlist

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