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Nintendo News and Features by Az Elias

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Cubed3 Staff Game Awards 202128.12.2021, 16:1521244
Review: Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch)22.11.2021, 21:3712055
Review: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fighters Pass Vol. 2 (Nintendo Switch)20.10.2021, 15:0272742
Review: Quake (Nintendo Switch)29.09.2021, 19:4002271
Tech Up! Turtle Beach Recon 500 Gaming Headset Review14.09.2021, 23:500927
Review: Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection (Nintendo Switch)28.08.2021, 15:0101529
Review: Tekken 7: Ultimate Edition (PlayStation 4)27.08.2021, 18:0003309
Review: Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PlayStation 4)28.06.2021, 23:1202903
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