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Nintendo News and Features by Ofisil from the last year

Title Date Comments Reads
Review: TumbleSeed (Nintendo Switch)07.08.2017, 01:130691
Review: Puzzle Adventure Blockle (Nintendo Switch)07.08.2017, 00:5101258
Review: TumbleSeed (PC)07.08.2017, 00:320728
Preview: Fantasy Strike (PC)03.08.2017, 08:5101071
Review: Pillars of Eternity (PC)03.08.2017, 08:310549
Review: Sundered (PC)27.07.2017, 16:2721436
Review: F-Zero (SNES)19.07.2017, 11:2131162
Review: Children of Zodiarcs (PC)18.07.2017, 13:0412460
Review: Death Squared (Nintendo Switch)12.07.2017, 23:0211065
Review: Dungeon Defenders II (PC)12.07.2017, 01:100991
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