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Title Date Comments Reads
Review: Creepy Tale (Nintendo Switch)12.08.2020, 15:48075
Review: Paper Mario: The Origami King (Nintendo Switch)07.08.2020, 22:131391
Review: Deadly Premonition Origins (Nintendo Switch)23.07.2020, 20:332652
Review: Ys: Memories of Celceta (PlayStation 4)09.06.2020, 12:4611822
Review: Shop Titans (PC)06.06.2020, 14:4601409
Review: Trials of Mana (Nintendo Switch)12.05.2020, 23:4831325
Review: Final Fantasy VII Remake (PlayStation 4)17.04.2020, 15:01383853
Tech Up! LVL 40 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset (Nintendo Switch)13.04.2020, 15:100859
Review: In Other Waters (Nintendo Switch)08.04.2020, 12:2101224
Review: Overpass (PlayStation 4)27.03.2020, 16:3301689
Review: SEGA AGES Sonic The Hedgehog 218.03.2020, 12:3301834
Review: Giraffe and Annika (PC)16.03.2020, 15:2801583
Review: ibb & obb (Nintendo Switch)14.03.2020, 16:5101679
Review: Metro: Redux (Nintendo Switch)25.02.2020, 15:1813711
Review: Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions (Nintendo Switch)24.02.2020, 19:1001418
Review: Lydia (Nintendo Switch)23.02.2020, 08:0901810
Review: StarBlox Inc. (Nintendo Switch)06.02.2020, 20:1301143
Review: Resident Evil 2 (Xbox One)05.02.2020, 20:1401066
Review: Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark (Nintendo Switch)29.01.2020, 12:5501413
Review: Dauntless (Nintendo Switch)03.01.2020, 16:1301789
Review: Devil May Cry 2 (Nintendo Switch)23.12.2019, 09:1431870
Review: Tangle Tower (Nintendo Switch)16.12.2019, 10:390956
Preview: The Endless Mission (PC)02.12.2019, 11:0802650
Review: Constructor Plus (Nintendo Switch)27.10.2019, 15:5901904
Review: FRACTER (PC)27.10.2019, 15:5001333
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