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Title Date Comments Reads
Preview: The Endless Mission (PC)02.12.2019, 11:080310
Review: Constructor Plus (Nintendo Switch)27.10.2019, 15:590660
Review: FRACTER (PC)27.10.2019, 15:500501
Review: A Knight's Quest (Nintendo Switch)20.10.2019, 18:141710
Review: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PlayStation 4)15.10.2019, 12:4802304
Review: For The King (Nintendo Switch)14.10.2019, 17:410485
Review: Devil May Cry (Nintendo Switch)14.10.2019, 16:450396
Review: Alternate Jake Hunter: DAEDALUS The Awakening of Golden Jazz (PlayStation 4)07.10.2019, 11:461899
Review: Astral Chain (Nintendo Switch)04.09.2019, 14:2912688
Review: Catherine: Full Body (PlayStation 4)30.08.2019, 21:1811252
Review: Collection of Mana (Nintendo Switch)22.08.2019, 01:0762417
Interview: Cubed3 Interviews President of Nihon Falcom, Toshihiro Kondo15.08.2019, 21:441742
Review: Windjammers (Nintendo Switch)13.08.2019, 00:110832
Review: Vane (PC)08.08.2019, 20:211926
Review: Dry Drowning (PC)01.08.2019, 21:350967
Tech Up! EON Super 64 HDMI Adapter Review30.07.2019, 20:5201173
Review: Horace (PC)26.07.2019, 20:1512028
Review: Masquerada: Songs and Shadows (Nintendo Switch)02.07.2019, 19:590971
Review: Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth (Nintendo 3DS)19.06.2019, 19:5103019
Review: Golem Gates (PlayStation 4)18.06.2019, 18:220836
Review: Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! (Nintendo Switch)03.06.2019, 10:2311115
Review: Unruly Heroes (PlayStation 4)01.06.2019, 11:590854
Review: Vambrace: Cold Soul (PC)29.05.2019, 08:5701169
Review: Cuphead (Nintendo Switch)21.05.2019, 09:3201025
Review: Outward (PC)08.05.2019, 18:5903931
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