Title Date Comments Reads
Review: Space Invaders Forever (Nintendo Switch)04.01.2021, 22:270667
Review: Chicken Police - Paint it Red (Nintendo Switch)30.12.2020, 13:550777
Review: Pokémon Sword / Shield: The Crown Tundra (Nintendo Switch)11.11.2020, 12:2021301
Review: Umihara Kawase Bazooka! (Nintendo Switch)11.11.2020, 12:112796
Review: Kirby Fighters 2 (Nintendo Switch)23.10.2020, 01:112914
Review: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 (Nintendo Switch)28.07.2020, 23:1521499
Review: Pokémon Sword / Shield: The Isle of Armor (Nintendo Switch) (Nintendo Switch)14.07.2020, 13:1121669
Review: Darius Cozmic Collection Console (Nintendo Switch)03.07.2020, 23:230938
Review: Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade (Nintendo Switch)03.07.2020, 23:220937
Review: Borderlands: Legendary Collection (Nintendo Switch)14.06.2020, 16:4701769
Review: SEGA Ages: Thunder Force AC (Nintendo Switch eShop)28.05.2020, 14:3301551
Review: Missile Command: Recharged (Nintendo Switch eShop)28.05.2020, 12:1921686
Review: SEGA Ages: G-LOC Air Battle (Nintendo Switch eShop)30.04.2020, 14:3001705
Review: Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha (Nintendo Switch)25.01.2020, 19:1201527
Review: SEGA AGES Fantasy Zone (Nintendo Switch)23.01.2020, 14:3002042
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