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Nintendo News and Features by Luke Hemming

Title Date Comments Reads
Review: Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality (PlayStation 4)04.06.2022, 20:450683
Tech Up!: EKSA Air Joy Plus Gaming Headphones27.04.2022, 10:120927
Tech Up!: Gamesir VX2 Aimbox Review27.04.2022, 10:010990
Review: Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (PlayStation 5)14.04.2022, 17:1051753
Review: GRID Legends (PlayStation 5)17.03.2022, 17:1801429
Review: Madden NFL 21 (Xbox Series X|S)10.03.2022, 12:3401369
Tech Up! Gamesir T4 Mini Controller18.01.2022, 11:550994
Tech Up! EKSA GT1 Cobra True Wireless Gaming Earbuds12.01.2022, 17:1311030
Review: Riders Republic (Xbox Series X|S)09.12.2021, 11:5801911
Review: YUKI (PC)25.11.2021, 15:5901424
INSiGHT: EGX 2021 – The Verdict11.10.2021, 12:0001607
Review: Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins (Nintendo Switch)03.10.2021, 09:2303137
Review: Necrobarista - Final Pour - (Nintendo Switch)30.09.2021, 14:2505426
Review: Crash Bandicoot - Crashiversary Bundle (PlayStation 4)23.09.2021, 10:4723978
Review: DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power (Nintendo Switch)19.09.2021, 15:0101920
Review: F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch (PlayStation 5)09.09.2021, 10:5824870
Review: Zool Redimensioned (PC)09.09.2021, 10:3801851
Tech Up! GameSir F8 Pro Snowgon Mobile Cooling Grip28.08.2021, 09:5101189
Review: Samurai Shodown (Xbox Series X|S)28.08.2021, 09:4202214
Review: Cuphead (PlayStation 4)28.08.2021, 09:3202183
Review: The Longing (Nintendo Switch)28.08.2021, 09:2401886
Preview: Riders Republic (PlayStation 5)25.08.2021, 21:0401902
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