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Game Name Publisher Score Add
Langrisser I & IILangrisser I & IINIS America8Add Langrisser I & II to your collection Add Langrisser I & II to your wishlist
Langrisser MobileLangrisser MobileZlongame7Add Langrisser Mobile to your collection Add Langrisser Mobile to your wishlist
Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI-Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI-Aksys3Add Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI- to your collection Add Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI- to your wishlist
Lords of the Black SunLords of the Black SunIceberg3Add Lords of the Black Sun to your collection Add Lords of the Black Sun to your wishlist
Lost EmberLost EmberMooneye Studios7Add Lost Ember to your collection Add Lost Ember to your wishlist
Lost TechnologyLost TechnologyPlayism8Add Lost Technology to your collection Add Lost Technology to your wishlist
Lucah: Born of a DreamLucah: Born of a Dreammelessthanthree4Add Lucah: Born of a Dream to your collection Add Lucah: Born of a Dream to your wishlist

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