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Here's the interview game informer magazine took with eiji aonuma.

Game Informer: You said in the roundtable discussion that Twilight Princess takes place between Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker. Last year in an interview, I asked you if this game would be the true sequel to Ocarina of Time? Can you answer that question now?

Eiji Aonuma: You know, I don't think it would be fair to say this is the complete true sequel to Ocarina of Time because anytime you say you want to make a game like that, that it's a true sequel, you then really have to implement in that game a number of elements that would have existed in the prequel to really tie those two games together in a complete and true way. Anytime you do that it makes it more difficult for those people who hadn't played through the first game to really access and enjoy as much. That being said, this game on a number of different levels is going to have some ties to Ocarina of Time, so people that didn't play that game when they do play this game will be able to realize and understand what's going on.

GI: You start out as adult Link, but is there any point where you return to young Link, as in Ocarina of Time, or is the game focused solely on Link transforming into a wolf?

Aonuma: In Ocarina of time, Link traveled through time and he became an adult, and by traveling through time he became young Link again. We're not doing that, and Link won't be traveling through time again. Link does however, when he transforms into the wolf, lose the abilities he had as an adult. In that sense, maybe he's sort of returning to that child-like state.

GI: In one of the trailers, after Link had transformed into the wolf characters due to the twilight

Pretty itneresting, a shame they aren't making Four Swords DS, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it show up eventually.

Nice. Hey, if it's not 4swords then it must be...a PROPER ZELDA!

fenno2001 wrote:
Nice. Hey, if it's not 4swords then it must be...a PROPER ZELDA!

in all fairness 4 sword was not that bad unless you have NO mates at all
but a
zelda would still be good fun to see paticularly with twilight princess coming out as well

I AM TEH 1337 GAMORZ U R ALL NOOBS X-BOX AND GAYSTATION SUCKORZ!!!!!!111111 this was a noob poster moment brought to you by bobmcbob

Hey, I like 4swords a lot it's just that some people were worried the only Zelda that was being made for the DS was 4swords. Now we know that there's going to be a proper Zelda first and then (hopefully) 4swords as afterwards which means that everyone wins!

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