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I'm looking for someone called Marzy.

Hmm, I don't know them.... I'm just a panda lost in VR.


Maybe the VR world is reality.

Not just that the Wii/WiiU was a sorry time for a lot of Nintendo fans that weren't die-hard fans. I moved from my GameCube to the Xbox360 and completely overlooked the Wii and WiiU. My best friend at the time moved over to the Xbox360 too for online play.

I wasn't playing the Nintendo games so spent most of my time modding and being in general chat which meant I was missing a lot of the conversations. I went through a bad patch so took a break and I never felt the pull to come back.

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Am I considered missing?

Echoes221 said:
Am I considered missing?

Lol, I think anyone who was ever part of this site is considered missing these days! Welcome back Echoes! Long time no speak!

I'm around. I check in every other month or so. But the forums are dead these days Smilie

C3 Members unite! Who is still here and hides in the shadows?? Come out come out wherever you are!

Ummm! Where's my Marzy! Where's my Tom Barry! Where's my everyone! 

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