hey, this is my second account.

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i totally lost all memory of my previous account, and felt the need to "cubed3 it up" so to speak.

so hey...

welcome me

especially stucorbs, i want a HUGE welcome from you....Smilie

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Who the hell are you?

*The above post may or may have a sarcastic undertone.

( Edited on 11.03.2006 13:55 by Blizzard224 )


( Edited on 11.03.2006 14:00 by stucorbs )

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It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

thats a long username. welcome to C3.

My Name Is Kizarny
hizave yizou sizeen thize hizuman bizlockhead

That's the best username like... EVAR. No seriously, I'm not even joking! Welcome *GAY HUGZ AND KISSES!!*

Welcome to CubedCubed, do some SiteSeeing while you're here...

any hints on who you were before?!? Smilie

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AHHH! His avatar is worse than the laughing MiyamotoSmilie

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

Welcome to C3. Very long username.

Just to clarify, he was previously known as masteryodaknowsall and made like one post so don't get your hopes up this time around.Smilie

he was previously known as masteryodaknowsall and made like one post

Well he's already equalled that record Smilie.
Anyway...just a normal sized welcome from me! Smilie

Ahh.. umm... err... never heard of his old account either, although it was a good user name Smilie

( Edited on 11.03.2006 19:04 by Superlink )

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HELLO Smilie

You found the word nipple! And you love touching them!

Welcome to Cubed3!

BLADE SUCKS COCK, I MEAN, makes great sigs.

Hey. Suck off the farmer and you might get some free turnips, har.

"We're mentalist psychic Scots, which means we can read your mind. If you're lying, your head explodes and we laugh." Fly fast, stay low, hit hard
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{Guild}Ohmdal: oops wrong chat


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