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I think that ONM did this... but screw it, I did my own anyway. Here's an 100% official Cubed3 Wii-mote! It's a bit bigger than the real thing, but still nice! Go pretend it's a gun! Go play Wii Tennis! Or just stick it on your desk so it looks purrdy Smilie

= = = = = = = = =

Step 1:
Save the image above, print it, then cut it out. Sorry that it's not really hi-res, but it'll do...
The only problem is that it's a bit thin. If you can use card or photo paper to print it out, that's great! Otherwise, cut it out, then use some pritt-stick to stick it to another piece of paper. Leave it to dry for a few mins. I used two bits of thick paper, and it holds pretty well.

Step 2:
Cut the smegger out. Should be nice and sturdy by now...

Step 3:
Time to fold. You need to stick the two bits together, like in the picture below Smilie I also used a knife to score lightly along the folds to make it a little easier.

Step 4:
Nearly done, just glue it together! Try doing the main big flap first, then finish with the trigger bit. It can get quite tricky, but keep trying! You want the c3 logo to overlap on the top of the battery box.

Voila, you have your own Wii-mote! Enjoy! Smilie

Hehe! As I said on MSN earlier, looks awesome! Smilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer
Guest 14.05.2006#3

This deserves a star! Well done Phil, I might actually try it out when I sort out the ink in my printer. Smilie

cool thats better than ONM'S cuase you dont mess the mag up.

ONM's one was halarious how some kid sold it on ebay saying it was a 'prototype controller' for about 20 quid. Best Ebay scam yet in my opionion.

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That's really neat Phil!

this is over a month old.....


thats great csf... top stuffSmilie

I would but I'm FAR too lazy...

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

Wouldn't matter if I wasn't lazy I see no point in it, apart from not being able to wait for the real deal.

"We destroyed the Taj Mahal?!" FMA: The Abridged series (Episode 4)

that looks cool!!! but i already have one!!!! Smilie

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