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Ladeis and Gentlemen. The time has come. Yes, your right. None other then...Photo contest 9!

The theme for this photo contest is "Reflections"

The rules:

You are free to interpret the theme in your own way- be it a more abstract take on things, or an 'obvious' shot. The simplest things can make the best photos.

Please note...

-All photos entered must be your own work. Don't just steal them off Google Images.
-Still photo(s) only
-Digital, Film, Polaroid... any type of camera is welcome.
-Specify if edited
-You can enter as many times as you want- remember, you will be better off with a single considered photo, rather than 10 quick snaps.
-Please link to a big version if the dimensions of the photo is larger than 500px. You can check the dimensions by viewing the properties of the image.
-File Format: jpg (preferred), gif, png, bmp

The deadline is Sunday Novermber 12th. 12 days from now
And if you win...

1st Place: 6 Stars
2nd Place: 3 Stars
3rd place: 1 Star

Good luck!Smilie

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

EDIT : Looking through some photos and thought i'd whack a couple up to inspire and get the contest rolling.
Me...dressed as a bunny/gangster

Go team!!!!!!!!!!!1

( Edited on 01.11.2006 01:04 by sonario )

A Member of the Reggie-Lution Fan Club
Established by tempo88

Great topic once again. I'll see what I can do. My camera been getting a work out recently with snapshots of my last week of school. Smilie

It's funny. This topic relates to what I'm doing for my second project (light) of Art GCSE. So I'll be killing two birds with one stone when I take some pics during the weekend. Smilie



Image for

Great picture KIN i like it.Whats it off?

cracking_idiot - how do i get in contactSmilie

A Member of the Reggie-Lution Fan Club
Established by tempo88

Image for

The reflection is the light off the glasses, pretty happy with this shot.

( Edited on 03.11.2006 06:50 by Daniel Primed )

( Edited on 03.11.2006 06:55 by Daniel Primed )

sonario said:
Great picture KIN i like it.Whats it off?cracking_idiot - how do i get in contactSmilie

A picture of a small lake in China Smilie


coool, nice one

Just a little reminder, i know that not many people see that this competition actually heres the reminder

Competition ends on the 12th so get snapping

Rock on!

A Member of the Reggie-Lution Fan Club
Established by tempo88

Some pretty good pictures there. Makes me want to take photography actually...

Free Image Hosting at <a" />

hey guys..just a little reminder that the official deadline for this contest of "reflections""snoitcelfer" is over later on tnite so get your last few photos in...................rock on

( Edited on 12.11.2006 20:51 by sonario )

A Member of the Reggie-Lution Fan Club
Established by tempo88

I was going to go out for a photo for this. But my English coursework thought otherwise. So instead... well this is the best I could find.

The_cackling_idiot said:

You're a woman? Smilie

1st - 6 stars

2nd - 3 stars

3rd - 1 star

A Member of the Reggie-Lution Fan Club
Established by tempo88

Aww man...I'll just go now and cry myself to sleep...again...

Crappity.. had some good shots I could have used for this. Oh well- Kin, get to it! I'll send out los stars. Smilie

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