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to capture video of a DVD because i'm makeing a Shenmue campaign video and I need to get some footage off Shenmue the Movie on DVD.

Cheers, Ross

Yes I do thanks.

How? is the question. If you tell me i,ll give you 2 stars.

Gone are the days when you could ask for help, and not have to give something in return.

Can't you just burn the DVD to your PC and find the segmant that way?

So you just want to make the video something like an Avi file or an Mpeg? Simple - just use something like DVDx.


No that didn't help at all. How can you get segments out of a DVD?

Get some video editing software.

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

Where? would be nice and preferably free.

You want me to google for you?

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

Yes because I've already tryed Google and I couldn't find anything. I dont have a clue what to search for.


Might be of help.

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DVDx will work, you can choose chapters and cut them with something like virtual dub, which you can google.

It's not free though.

Marzy said:
Its not free though.

A few sites do 'trial' copies you can download, I'm sure.

( Edited on 06.11.2006 19:48 by Martin )

Ok, ive found one but one more question please.

How do I burn a DVD to my computer?

Marzy said:
Ok, ive found one but one more question please.How do I burn a DVD to my computer?

Do you mean rip?

Burning a disk - Writing stuff onto a disk

Ripping a disk - copying stuff from a disk

so I assume you want to rip a DVD, isn't that what DVDx does?

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

DVDx is freeware, and yes that is exactly what DVDx does.

I use AoA DVD ripper. It can be found here.

It costs money, but I got it for free. PM me for futher details if you are interested.

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