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RudyC3 said:
It was more expensive over here too, this was changed only fairly recently (in the past two weeks or so I'd say)
I did hear about the cheaper price point, but I thought that was for 360/PS3 only and in North America.

( Edited 13.07.2017 19:19 by Guest )

Argos are doing a great deal on a PS Vita until the 10th December.

PS Vita (Wifi/3G) , 4GB mem card, Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet for £139.99

( Edited 13.07.2017 19:19 by Guest )

Argos have got a few good deals in their clearance line!

Wonderful 101 - £24.99
Mario and Luigi Dream Team - £21.99
Pikmin 3 - £21.99
Paper Mario Sticker Star - £21.99
New Super Luigi U - £21.99

There are also a few others in there as well!

Take a look!

( Edited 13.07.2017 19:20 by Guest )

Assassins creed 4 collectors edition on game for £40 for wii u and £43 for ps3 and 360. It's the buccaneer edition not the skull edition.

( Edited 13.07.2017 19:20 by Guest )

Nintendo Network ID: LKR000               PSN: LKR000     
3DS: 1246-8696-120                              GT: LKR101

Haven't been posting much in here since I'd just be spamming in it every day. Might start doing some more again though.

Yoshi's New Island £20

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 Wii U £3

NBA 2K13 Wii U £3.85

Beyond: Two Souls £11.99

Zelda ALBW £26.98

Just Dance 4 Wii U £7

Assassin's Creed 3 Wii U £5

Gran Turismo 6 £16

Rayman Legends PS4/XBO £20

Mass Effect 2 PC £2.98

( Edited 05.04.2014 17:12 by Azuardo )

PSN Europe Sales

South Park PS3/360 £18.50

White Knight Chronicles 2 (incl. WKC1 Remastered) PS3 £11.95

Game Party Champions Wii U £39.5

Zelda Skyward Sword Wii £12.99

Pokemon Black DS £12.99

Pokemon White DS £12.99

Pilotwings 3DS £6.99

Toukiden PS Vita £22

Metroid Other M £3.95

Sonic Racing Transformed 3DS £10

Remember Me PS3 £10

FFX / X-2 HD Remaster PS3 £20

Dark Souls 2 360 £27.99

Dark Souls 2 PS3 £25

( Edited 09.04.2014 12:09 by Azuardo )

Think mostly everyone here has one, but this is the Wii U bundle to get in UK.

£199 for Wii U & MK8 @ Tesco Direct with code TDX-JGCV.

Sign up for NOW TV for a free 30 day trial and get £10 PSN voucher free.

I signed up at the end of July and my £10 PSN code was emailed today (other users also got theirs today). Then you can just cancel your sub to stop them taking the cash out to renew it when your free trial ends.

So there's a free tenner for y'all. Took about 13-14 days to arrive, but I got it.

Oh dear god not NOW TV... I've heard such bad things bout that one! But £10 free PSN voucher sounds good t'ah me - will pass that onto my bro.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Yeah, I never used it like. Just signed up, waited for voucher after a couple of weeks, then cancelled. Well worth trying. You do have to enter payment details, but it won't charge anything. Just make sure to cancel when you get voucher later.

New Art Academy 3DS - £4.95 @ TGC

Thank you, Az!

Prof Layton & Miracle Mask - £8.86 @ ShopTo

Yakuza 4 - £9.99

Rayman Legends Wii U - £11.99

( Edited 15.08.2014 21:25 by Azuardo )

Our member of the week

Too bad that price for Rayman Legends is without shipping Smilie (was looking right now for myself). Might let myself be tempted by Layton though Smilie.

Just saw these on the same website as Yakuza 4 above, which I didn't know about before, while looking for good deals on Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3 and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (still looking for a good price for those three)

Mass Effect 3 Wii U - £7.95

Ninja Gaiden Razor's Edge Wii U - £10.95

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Got NG3 for £8 the other day at TGC's ebay outlet, and ME3 has gone lower before at TGC too, but still great prices. TGC is one of the best sites around atm. Not sure on its shipping to outside UK.

Don't you have 3D World already? But yeah, I still look for deals on that and DKC. Might be a while finding those any cheaper than £30 'cause Nintendo etc.

Tesco code here gets £5 off a £30+ spend in Entertainment section - TDX-TNWT

Nets you Wind Waker HD for £25 (now out of stock) or Hyrule Warriors for £29.

( Edited 20.08.2014 08:27 by Azuardo )

Our member of the week

It was lent to me, so I'm playing through 3D World right now but nope I don't own it yet Smilie. But I know I'm not going to get that cheaper than £30/€35 any time soon cause they're first party Nintendo titles. I might have a better luck at local stores on used copies for first part Nintendo titles, as that's where they tend to be cheapest.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition (Wii U) - £4.98

Punch Out Wii - £3.95

( Edited 05.09.2014 21:08 by Azuardo )

Sonic Lost World Wii U £9.99

A lot of Amiibo's are £10 on Amazon! (Cheapest of any shop) Go and grab 'em!

The correct thread now lol. Dunno if the Minecraft thing is still working, but pasting it here anyway.

Not sure if it's still going, but you can get Minecraft on PS3 and Vita (EU) for free atm. You just download the demos and then you can download the unlock keys afterwards.

I've got both and tested by unlocking a trophy in each by mining at the start.

People thought you could get the PS4 one too, but after you start playing it, it asks you to buy the full game, even though it initially looks like you downloaded it. But PS3 and Vita versions look to be legit.

Metal Gear Rising PS3/360 - £6

NFS Most Wanted PS3 - £5

Mass Effect 3 PS3 - £5

In fact, Tesco has a lot of cheap deals for PS3 and 360.

Tomb Raider PS4 £17.95

ZombiU £5.95


Deadline is Tuesday (now/tomorrow), but apparently voting at the polls for Green man Gaming will net you X-Com Enemy Unknown for free.

If you then PLAY that with playfire rewards you can pick up XCOM Enemy Within for 80% off.

Just in case you missed their promotional email. >_>

NSMBU £13.95

Our member of the week

As I was going through the website linked to by Az' just above to see what other dirty cheap deals I could order along with NSMBU (cause I didn't have it yet and that's the best deal on it I've seen so far, thanks Az' Smilie ), I stumbled upon :

Punch Out Wii £2.95 (down one more quid over the price linked by Azu above Smilie)
Bit Trip Complete £2.95

Totally worth the pennies IMHO Smilie. I'm totally getting Bit Trip Complete at that price ^^.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Thanks Rudy, just ordered Punch Out! Smilie

TGC is a great site, but there have been some cases of them doing what GAME does and resealing 'new' games with their own film seal instead of the official Nintendo one. This potentially can mean the Club Nintendo card not being present. This can be the case with older games that have been out a while, and less likely with recent Wii U games.

That said, the low prices of such games usually far outweighs the issue. Not a common thing with TGC I don't think, but still worth pointing out. GAME is the real abuser of this, and ships very badly damaged games, and lists them as 'new.' I try to avoid giving any money to GAME at all these days.

( Edited 26.10.2014 15:15 by Azuardo )

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