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I have a backlog of about 120 games to finish anyway Smilie, so I didn't say that Mass Effect is the next game I'll play anyway, and who knows if someday they'll re-release a trilogy pack, on a system I own, which is sure to happen methinks given the following that the trilogy has garnered. Maybe not happening on a Nintendo system anytime soon, but on any system that i'll own, I would replay it, and for all I know, I might not have played my Wii U copy yet when that day comes XD.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

A Trilogy Remaster is very likely, given that one of the Bioware devs took to NeoGAF this week to ask what fans would want to see in a potential remastering. He reiterated nothing is in the works, but I'm sure it's something they'll really want to do given the success of the games. It'll be a PS4/XBO/PC thing, though - no question about that.

Well, I do hope you hold out playing it of course - and I hope you can experience it as intended eventually - it's easily one of the my fave series ever : )

I'm assuming most of us have heard of this site, but if you're in the UK and regularly hunt for gaming bargains, is a very decent place to visit. I've been picking up some PS4 titles on the cheap through that. I see Wii U hardware deals on there quite often, but unfortunately not so many games at discounts. Still, worth a try! 

Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ ] 

Yep, lot of my deals come from there. GAF, also. I tend to just post the great/best/seemingly interesting to C3ers deals here when I see them at such places as those.

I love all these deals guys. I like to shop at ,,, Any other websites out there that are trusting please keep them coming.

thank you.

( Edited 09.11.2014 23:40 by Nicky Michael )

Has anyone seen the best deal for Smash Wii U with GameCube adapter and controller bundle? I'm ideally looking for a UK website! 

Flynnie, you'll have a hard job of that since there is no UK bundle for the game + adapter + controller, only game + adapter. Controller is separate.

Metroid Other M - £3.75 like new at TGC

Super Smash Bros Wii U - £30.90 (at least)

As of now, it's possible to get SSB Wii U for the above price through Rakuten's TGC outlet. Spend £40 or more and get £10 off with code MSERAK10.

Have to add another item to bump the game over the £40 mark, and has to be from TGC via Rakuten. Cheapest games are £1.95 (like this Wii movie party game thing). Kylie Sing is on there, Michael Jackson PSP, etc. Or you could add a game you want for a bit more.

But doing the cheap method above means you can get it for £30.90.

I think shipping to Europe is £2 per item? Might not be worth it for European peeps, but a good one for UK.

I'm in two minds about it.

Our member of the week

Azuardo said:
I think shipping to Europe is £2 per item?

My recent experience with them confirms this

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Thought so, thanks for confirming.

I didn't plan to get this game any time soon. I'm still not sure I want it, but it's a good price for a new game. Hard to decide what to do lol.

Thanks Az, will have to look into it. I have plenty of cube controllers anyway, I was being greedy! I just want to get the adapter as knowing Nintendo these things will actually become impossible to find after the initial launch! (Unless they launch GC VC on the eShop) 

If you like GOG, you should run there now.

The Witcher is on sale for 99p.

Also plenty of other sales.

Prof Layton & Miracle Mask - £6.20 at Zavvi

Azuardo said:
Prof Layton & Miracle Mask - £6.20 at Zavvi
Anyone who passes this up deserves to be shot. Smilie I'd advise them to play the others first though. Possibly in chronological order, starting with Spectre's Call and then this.

Our member of the week

Ordered this from shopto a while back for pretty much the same price. The only one I played to the end happens to be Spectre's Call so I'll be good to play this one too Smilie Should get the 6th one when it's on the cheap as well.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

RudyC3 said:
Ordered this from shopto a while back for pretty much the same price. The only one I played to the end happens to be Spectre's Call so I'll be good to play this one too Smilie Should get the 6th one when it's on the cheap as well.
Good lad. Smilie

Any Aussies wanting to get in on Super Smash Bros for Wii U then head down to Big W to get it for $58! That's a $22 discount! 

Amiibo is also retailing for $15 which is $3 discount! 

Get buying! Smilie

Apparently GAME have Smash + GC adapter for £25...!? Was trending on HotUKDeals - verified by a few members. Some people think it's a pricing glitch, though - as in the Bundle being priced as the GC Controller if that makes sense.

Amazon fucked me over and told me no Smash today (emailed me at 2am this morning). Knobs. So looking for an alternative. Argos has it, but it's a bit much for smash (£44 Smilie no GC adapter)

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Nintendo fucked up bringing the release forward, so shitloads of retailers ain't received stock. Good job.

Can't believe Black Friday is now a thing in the UK and other countries. It's scruffy as fuck. Fucking state of this world.

Some possibly interesting stuff:

Nintendo t-shirts at NUK store

Prof Layton & Miracle Mask - £4.99

Mass Effect Trilogy PSN download (EU) - £11.99

Theatrhythm FF Curtain Call - £14.95 @ TGC

Rayman Legends PS3 - £5.99 @ GAME (360 £7.99)

Bayonetta 2 - 28pounds
Punch-Out (Wii) - 3pounds
Nintendo Land - 7pounds
Wii Party U - 9pounds
Wii Classic Controller Pro (Gold) - 20pounds (not original packaging, but positive feedback from other buyers)

@ tgc

( Edited 28.11.2014 13:34 by Azuardo )

Walking Dead Season 1
Season 2

Both at £9.99 each on the PSN,

I'm aware they're both £20-25 retail. The offer is only available this weekend. I think £9.99 is very much what I'd pay for it.

More deals. Won't go nuts posting multiple posts (unless ppl reply), but just posting the odd stuff that seems interesting or decent and editing in.

FF3 PC - £4.40
FF7 PC - £4
FF8 PC - £4

All on Steam with code GAMERSGATE-TURKEY

PSN Black Friday Europe:

Ends 1st December:

Alien: Isolation = £24 (That is a very decent price)

NAtURAL DOCtRINE = £19.99 (down from that ridiculous £50 pricepoint, please be aware review scores are abysmally low for this)

Octodad Deadliest Catch = £5

Oddworld New and Tasty = £10 (both this and Octodad qualify for PSN membership discounts on top)

Nearly everything else on 'offer' is extremely overpriced and can be gained elsewhere for a lot less; I wouldn't consider £40 for FIFA a 'discount' particularly as it isn't that good of a game! >_<

Any ideas on where to get Dragon Age Inquisition on the cheap? (for my bro)

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Depends on how cheap and which platform. Looking at roughly £35 it seems.

Can ask at GAF for you.

( Edited 29.11.2014 22:32 by Azuardo )

Azuardo said:
Depends on how cheap and which platform. Looking at roughly £35 it seems.

Can ask at GAF for you.

:O You're on GAF?

I have an account but it's never been approved. Smilie

Animal Crossing CD - £1.99 at NUK store

More NUK Xmas deals

( Edited 01.12.2014 21:48 by Azuardo )

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