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I did chapter 1 and wanted to cut my hand off at the wrist. I dunno how the hell I'm gonna get through this.

Is the circle pad pro any good for Kid Icarus? Might be worth trying that.

No, it's dumb because it only functions as a left-handed option for moving Pit. You still have to use the touch screen to aim. Shame, because aiming with the CPP would have likely solved everything. I'll have to try different positions and see whether that stand helps at all.

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Flynnie said:
Your hand might after it cramps for life...


My exact thoughts. I don't get people who say it's your fault, and you're not doing it right if you get cramps. Cause clearly I'm not the only one having had the problem. The game's great, it's just the controls which are not comfortable at all.

With the NEW 3DS out now, they should just patch it to include aiming with the C-Stick.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

I know it was the first thing I tried with my NEW 3DS and I was dissapointed that it didn't work in the way I wanted it too. 

You just have to do one level a day otherwise you'll feel the pain. The gliding sections are fine (to an extent) but the on foot controls are so cumbersome. It is a good game though, stick with it and you'll love it! I might even give it a whirl now as I've been thinking about it!

I personally don't see how a Circle Pad could come even close to the aiming speed and accuracy required unless you're playing on a very low intensity. A proper control stick might be good enough, but the Circle Pad just isn't made for these kind of movements. The thought of aiming with the flimsy C-Stick is even more laughable, that thing is for camera control at best.

As for your cramp problems, are you guys holding your 3DS without any kind of support? I didn't have these problems with it because of how I often play on my handhelds, basically sitting sideways on my couch with my knees up there to support my 3DS. In its case, the weight of the 3DS rests on my knees instead of my left hand, making it quite comfortable to play. Worth a try, at least. It always took several hours of Kid Icarus: Uprising for my hands to get tired but that game is also very intense, so that's no surprise, really.

( Edited 02.05.2015 09:03 by SirLink )

I don't remember having any problems with its controls at all but I do enjoy awkward games XD.

I didn't get cramp but because I was using an original 3ds I had a huge dent in my left hand from the corner of the device.

I was going to say, in all honesty, I never really had that much of a problem with the controls or hand cramps. At first I thought it was going to be awful and it's what turned me off buying the game, but actually trying it out on a friends copy, I was pleasantly surprised and bought it instantly.

Mass Effect 2 PC - £0.92

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D - £19.95

Saints Row IV Re-Elected - £14.95

Both from

Nintendo Network ID: LKR000               PSN: LKR000     
3DS: 1246-8696-120                              GT: LKR101

Wonderful 101 - £17.86

Tales of Graces f & Symphonia Chronicles - £11.99

Such a good compilation pack. Square should have done one of these for the FF13 series.

( Edited 12.05.2015 16:15 by Azuardo )

Beyond Two Souls - £5

Bloody buy it.

( Edited 13.05.2015 21:37 by Azuardo )

I second that! Beyond is fantastic!

That Tales collection is excellent value. I don't have much time for RPGs these days so It's not for me but for 3 full games, it's a bargain!

£5 off a £10+ spend at with code SPREE5 - 20th May only.

Plenty of good deals to be had, but think you can only use code on one order (unless you make separate accounts/emails with same card...but that's dodgy, and naughty).

Azuardo said:
£5 off a £10+ spend at with code SPREE5 - 20th May only.

Plenty of good deals to be had, but think you can only use code on one order (unless you make separate accounts/emails with same card...but that's dodgy, and naughty).

Boo - getting 503 errors Smilie Wanted to pre-order Splatoony with that discount lol

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Ah it's been going up and down all day. People hammering it. Didn't prep well for their own promo.

Batman Arkham Origins - Legends Edition - Wii U -- £3.95 @ TGC

( Edited 24.05.2015 00:15 by Azuardo )

Bargain 'unters! Where's the cheapest I could get Splatoony from? Missed out on that £5 off £10 promo on TGC Smilie See you all on the 29th? lawls

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

If you'd managed to get the £5 code at Rakuten, you'd have got it for £22.50, so you'd only save about £2.50 from the current deals:

£24.85 - simply games

£25.00 - Game Seek

Zelda Monopoly anyone?

£24.99 with code GAMESFIVE

( Edited 02.06.2015 09:18 by Azuardo )

Yoshi's Wolly World - £27.85

They also have the Yoshi Amiibo's for cheaper than other places, at £14.99! Though there's no pre-order button for those (guess they're out of stock)

( Edited 02.06.2015 13:14 by Marzy )

Cheaper here at £26.66.

It's been as low as £25 at one point, too, so might wanna keep an eye out.

Cheapest price I've seen it so far.

Super Mario Maker - £29.99

Also this, if you've played through 1 & 2.

Mass Effect 3: Special Edition (Wii U) - £4.98


I want Mario Maker as a download so I hope Nintendo don't get too carried away with the pricing.

Prices seem quite expensive at other places, but you do get an artbook with the physical copy. I'm happy to pay £29.99 for it though.

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