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Is anybody able to hook up with me for the "Mognet" so I can get the "Onion Knight" class? Just give me your friend code and register mine(481124068469) Please respond.

Hey i'll give it a go, friend code is 2878 5041 1215

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

Thanks!Smilie Sent mail!

( Edited on 29.12.2006 02:46 by LuigiGBA )

Is there any space bar on the in game keyboard?

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

Dunno I just sent "Wassup' couldn't find itSmilie Edit: found it! Go to symbols, its the one on the bottem. weird system, eh.

( Edited on 29.12.2006 02:57 by LuigiGBA )

Hmmm i think i found it, it's under symbols at the bottem of the page, guy who desighned this interface should be shot.
Any way i sent you a short message might take a while cause yours aint showing up yet.
btw how far you into it now? i'm around 7hours 30mins and i just got past that tower of owen place.

( Edited on 29.12.2006 02:55 by Blade2t3 )

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

I'm at 3 hours. At the viking cave. Its great so far and yes he should be shot.SmilieEdit: Well good night and Good luck! here is how to get the Onion Knight Class:1)Register someone elses's (or multiple) communication ID under Mog Net.
2)Send message to another PC 7 times
3)Send and receive 4 messages from Topapa, on the fourth one you will receive a message to do a mini-quest.
4)Go to Uoul (First town in the game)
5)Talk to Topapa
6)Go to the cave up north of the cave
7)At the drop hole, you will have an event and then will be proceeded to fight 3 bombs
8)After the battle, you will obtain a piece of crystal, which will unlock Onion Swordsman

( Edited on 29.12.2006 03:13 by LuigiGBA )

I have this game, only just started, can I add your friend codes??

( Edited on 30.12.2006 20:58 by Birdo )

I need to do my Onion Knight unlock also, any help is appreciated:

3780 4526 3470


Smilie actually...how do you get your DS connected? do you need the USB Wi-Fi device? I have wireless router...

and how do I find out my friend code??

( Edited on 31.12.2006 23:20 by Birdo )

Is this game even out in the UK?

Talk to the moogles birdo.
Nope isn't out in the uk I imported my copy from the US.

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

I'll try to send you a message soon. And go th Wi-fi settings in the menu and do search for an access point. Then if it comes up with a connection tha has a green opened lock your good if its red you need the WEP code. If its grey you need the USB thingy. Then talk to a moogle in the game and search the options for it its there somwhere. Good luck Birdo

Oh I see, I haven't found the moogles yet Smilie

LuigiGBA, Blade2t3, and Dash I have added your friend codes in my list and my friend code is 3179-1588-2268. You'll need to add my friend code into your list.

( Edited on 03.01.2007 01:39 by Falcongamer )

If you need a hand: 3995-2083-8867. Smilie

Got them I'll send some out presently. Edit: Everybody please Moghouse.

( Edited on 07.01.2007 18:43 by LuigiGBA )

You kids mind if I join in the fun? I just finished helping Prince/King Alus and decided to start looking for secrets online. I'd love to have the Onion Knight job.

My friend code: 3522-7628-9921

Sure as many as possible. And If you guys find the Iron Giant it's bad

Im new can i add anyone? my friend code is 4596-4971-4496

( Edited on 16.01.2007 03:12 by arc_the_thief )

ehi guys, i need help with onion knight too, can i register you?
This is my friend code: 2577-8775-3649. please help me, i'm italian and here in italy noone has FFIII yet cause it isn't out in europe ; ;
i'm awaiting and hoping for a positive feedback. Added all you guys. Let's hope this works :p thanks^^

( Edited on 16.01.2007 19:13 by Aleen )

( Edited on 16.01.2007 19:21 by Aleen )

To those who understand, i extend my hand.
To the doubtful i demand, take me As i am.

I'll do it but I lent someone me DSL Smilie so i'll do it tomorrow.Smilie

Yo yo yo yo. I guess this is the place for Final Fantasy III happenings across WiFi.... am I right? Smilie

Anyway, it'd be great to get some people's friend codes & send some mail over Mognet. I absolutely love FFIII, might review it sometime.

I'll post my Friend Code soon! Smilie

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i'm looking for someone to mail right now. my code is 094580657721Smiliethis is so awesome

I dont Have a DS!!!!!!!!!Smilie

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