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Guest 21.07.2003#1

np: GameCube - FIFA 2003

GC: Evolution Worlds, OOTMQ
GBA: Golden Sun-The Lost Age

"You have forgotten the face of your father!"

Burnout 2 Point of Impact, bit too easy IMO.

GC: Burnout 2, still. (wen't off Wind Waker a while back)

GBA: Link to the Past

SNES: DBZ: Hyper Dimention

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

XBOX: Morrowind, Halo
GameCube: Burnout 2
N64: GoldenEye
SNES: Mario Kart
GBA: [when on the way to work] Golden Sun

Hey, I am a gamer who likes to play from past and present, the classics never die. Smilie

::on't step on by blue suede shoes! Mid life crisis! What mid life crisis?:::

Played these over the last week or so.

Viewtiful Joe
Wind Waker

Mars Matrix
Cosmic Smash


Contra 3
Mario Kart

I play far to many games at once. :peace:

When you cycled by

Here began all my dreams

The saddest thing Ive ever seen

And you never knew

How much I really liked you

Because I never even told you

Oh, and I meant to

Are you still there ?

Or ... have you moved away ?

Or have you moved away ?

GBA: kuru kuru kuruin
GC : burnout 2, zelda WW
SNES: DK country 1

Star Fox Adventures
The Sims
Super Smash Bros. Melee
The Hulk
Sonic Adventure 2

Playing Mario Tennis and a bit of Luigi's Mansion

Zelda: LTTP

Old Man / Font of all useless knowledge

Wind Waker
Burnout 2
Super Monkey Ball

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templers
Megaman: Battle Network

GC: F1 2002
PS2: Formula One 2003 & Midnight Club 2
GBA: Driver 2

Visit this great Forum:

Nintendo HQ

GC: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
GBA: Super Moneky Ball Jr

Playing eternal darkness a.t.mo


Its Uber good! Smilie Smilie

I've just got a MegaDrive so I'm playing a lot of that. I've just got Animal Crossing which is sitting in its box - I'm going to play it when I finished all my mega-drive games; can't wait!!

GBA: Megaman and Bass

GC: Sonic Adventure DX (mission mode)

GC:The Wind Waker
Enter the Matrix
Night Fire (sometimes)
PSO E1&2 (sometimes)

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