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[Spoilers inside] Terminator 3

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I am going to see it now......

Quite excited!

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It feels like one big intro to be honest.


It was fantastic. The story is solid. And its pretty much actiona ll the way through.

And the ending! its a hell of a twist!

Go see it now!

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It was great, althoufh not as good as the first two 10 times better than most films around these days.

Kristanna Loken was hot as TX and claire danes was quite nice also as Johns future bride. Some great twists in it. Now i cant wait for T4, although it hasnt been 100% confirmed yet.

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I actually thought the car chase was much more exciting than Matrix Relo.

And the way that truck Jacknifed.... jesus than was cool!

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Guest 05.08.2003 16:40#6

From start to finish it's non-stop action! Seriously, there is not a dire moment in this film! Time flies past because you're enjoying it so much! I tell you, they've mixed comedy with action well too. Arnie with these gay star-shaped sunglasses off with make you laugh your head off, it's a wonderful movie. In fact, it's the best film you'll see this summer. Compare this to Matrix Reloaded or The Hulk and it wipes the floor with it.

Arnie is superb in the movie, he's in great shape and is wonderful. The whole movie is amazing and it leaves the door open for a 4th Terminator, which has to happen!

Plus, seeing as I haven't seen the first two (don't know why!!!), it's quite easy to follow. At the beginning John Connor kind of wraps up his past for those who aren't up to stratch with the first two movies.

I tell you, this is a phenonemal film that will make you come back wanting more and more and more!!!


--was my first impression.

Its excellent. I have to agree with T_c_i in that the film was like an intro the whole way through but is there anything wrong with that?
I liked the fighting scenes between TX and terminator. The acting was good and the sayings brought some humour into it.

'I'll drive' Smilie

yes very good movie... and succesfully funny. Top moments... spangly star sunglasses at the beggining... walking out with a coffin and kickin the shit out of people...the chase scene of course...and all the other classy one liners.

t4 may be a while off... as arny is running for governor of california... if he doesnt get elected "ill be back"... hehe or he could just walk up to the current governor "get out....ill drive" heehee... can you tell ive thought of this previously?

< Edited by GeneralRandom781 on 2003/8/12 0:41 >

OK, I liked T3 hell it was an awesome film, but the plot made no sense. It never explained how Judgement day happened even though they destroyed Cyberdine in T2. IMO T2 was better, but hell the action rocked!

It was explained by Arnie. In the camper van.

It went a bit like this.

Even though they blew up cyberdine. All they did was perspone Judgement Day.

IT WAS ALWAYS GOING TO HAPPEN! but it was put off.

Skynet then came along and did it.

Get me? Smilie

< Edited by Lee_S on 2003/8/19 18:45 >

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Yeah but its still a but dubvious if ya ask me

Not point worying about the plot in a film like this...

Not really my cup of tea, but I had to go and see it for my work. I enjoyed it, but for my money, Pirates of the Carribean does the whole no-brains action thing much, much better.

I didn't like it.

I felt that it was just a cash in, and more of a parody of the firsttwo films, with all the stupid quotes they made, than an action film.


Arnie is the best actor when it comes to androids. But unfortunately it stops there. As for the film, I would agree with raindog, action films are not my cup of tea in general but sort of any good cinemas in colchester PotC was quite refreshing i.e. it tapped into a whole different world and was succesful at that.

p.s.: watch the arnie flash flick @

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i just saw pirates of the carribean and yes it is actually very very good , has a slightly higher calibur of acting (and as i heard several times "Jony depp is soooo buff!!!!!!!11111111111" (well you cant type exclamation marks in a cinema but you get my drift)

however for simply outstanding action sequences i have to say t3 outdoes it by miles. Depends what you;re after in the end but it doesnt matter because lotr the two towers is far superior to both and i just got it on dvd . Orlando isnt doing to bad for himself then...

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oh please... what was the point in that?

Why is this still sticky?

well people are still replying to it.. but i suppose it could go back to normal now.

I know but the only reason it is sticky in the first place is because a mod did it, Lee's.

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