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New Cube out.

Feature is mainly on Bond. Looks and sounds very good. Hope they pull it off.

The gave Viewtiful Joe 8.9.

Said it can be difficult.

Dvd is quite good.

Highlights are True Crime In Game Footage, more fantastic XIII stuff. I think XIII could be game of the year if it succeseeds! also Rogue Squardron Three: Reble Strike footage, and a nice impressive trailer for the next Bond Game.

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I don't read CUBE anymore as I felt it was pretty pointless when a majority of it was on the internet months before, and the reviews weren't as well contructed as they were previously.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I've stopped buying CUBE because I have no need for the cheat disk or FL abilities, (AR covers both aspects), plus I'm a member of Gamespot + IGN so will have seen all the vids. Therefore,

My DS code for 42 classic games is 5026 2806 4140. Looking for people to play Rummy with. Feel free to PM your code. Also, anyone can add my Wii code if they like, PM me with yours too.

I just like to know their review scores. Working for C3 I've seen all the news anyway so now there seems to be little point buying it. Smilie

So Lee, can you tell us of all the review scores? Smilie

I get NGC mainly so that I have something to read

visit www.gamer-nation.co.uk

fav game- Burnout

worst game- Animal crossing (I expected it to be so good, but it was cr@p)

Considering getting a GBA, should I?

i didn't even know that there was a mag.

life is short and so am i!

8.9 for Viewtiful Joe, wrong , wrong, wrong! I have been playing this one quite a bit and I have to say it is one of the best games I have played in aaaages! Read My Hands On Here! anyway, have a gander at that, this game really is awsome, you all have to buy it. Anyway, CUBE this issue was quite good, but I have to say I am still enjoying NGC a lot more Smilie

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[Jap review] Viewtiful Joe: 8.9

Funny bit about how Capcom have sponsered a jap wrestler to be Viewtiful Joe. Quite funny!

Dead To Rights: 6.8
Wario World: 6.2
Megaman Network Transmission: 7.8
Auto Modellista: 6.9
GT Cube: 4.9

GBA Review scores:

Jet Set Radio: 8.8
Rock 'N' Roll racing: 8.8
Sega Smash Pack: 5.5
Sonic Pinball Party: 7.5
Advance Wars 2: 9.3

Next month in Cube (28th August)

Review: F-Zero, Mario Golf?! P.N.03, Mace Griffion

INterview: Factor 5

DVD: FF CC. Metal Gear: Twin Snakes, Spyhunter 2, Italian Job, Suffering, Tales Of Symphonia, Auto Modellista, World Racing, Soul Calibur, ESPionage

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It's that muppet Miles thingy, it's gone downhill since he started editing the mag.

How many times do they say "it rocks" "dude".

I'm not a 12 year old gamer who skateboards. They constantly go on about the GC is for gamers of all ages, yet there mag is aimed at 10/15 year old cool dude skaters(present company not included)

It sucks man, were's my skateboard dude. I'm like outa here.

When you cycled by

Here began all my dreams

The saddest thing Iíve ever seen

And you never knew

How much I really liked you

Because I never even told you

Oh, and I meant to

Are you still there ?

Or ... have you moved away ?

Or have you moved away ?

Don't beleive a word you read in magazines - they make it all up these days. I can't beleive that Sonic Adventure DX got such a bad score!!!

i think the writing in ngc is much better than cube, its much more entertaining. hopefully the new editor will make it even better. i personally detest nom, but i think there'll be a demo disk coming with it in a few months, so that'd be worth watching out for.

[ Edited by badrobot47 on 2003/8/17 1:59 ]

The best mag is Nintendo Power

i always get NGC and White Dwarf each month. however, as you have said, CUBE has gone done REAL bad recently. i may stop buyin it and just borrow my mates. the only reason i buy GC mags is for somate to read.

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