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This is a trading thread - keep all battle requests here.

Ok, I'm setting up an official trading thread to keep all this pokemon stuff in order; as it stands the existing stuff is super spammy, and we need to do something to sort it out.

So; the rules:

1. No other trading threads. This isn't a pokemon website, we don't need a trading thread for every type of pokemon, keeping everything in one place is neater and more isn't necessary.

2. You suggest a trade as follows:

-You write in full English.

-If you are looking to find a pokemon- e.g.

Wonderful idea GR781
Ok here goes nothing...

I want every Pokemon which is Legendary to fill my Pokedex or to keep for FREE.
Please PM me with the Legendaries you have.
I preferably want:
(in order of POKEDEX)

Also Appreciated
The jhoto starter Pokemon

Was this OK GR?Smilie

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Great idea for a thread, I hope no more are made now that this one is here.

Now, if I still had the game... I would be willing to trade almost anything for a legit Celebi.

But since I don't have the game, I'll make a different trade... urm... how about... My soul for my old save file back? Smilie

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Hello, I am willing to trade a Rotom, Spiritomb, Phione, Piplup, Shiny Hariyama, and/or a Shiny Electrode for a legit Johto Starter(Which means either gotten through Pokemon Colluseum or from one of the Pokemon Hoenn games from finishing the Hoenn Dex), and/or a legit Legendary Johto Dog(Which means either gotten through randomly finding it randomly in one of the Pokemon Kanto games or gotten through Pokemon Colluseum). Please PM me for your answer!

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I would give you any starter for free if I still had my game.


OK I should stop doing that.

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I need any shiney poke i want one real bad the seem to be very cool

( Edited on 04.07.2007 16:30 by trevoracc )

My ultimate team _

^(My Machamp isn't really shiney, I ^ just picked it,my charizard is though)

Does any one have a magmortor and/or electvire to trade

got and willing to trade are two different things lol i could have almost anything off superlink because i have a legit 10aniv celebi Smilie there is 3 things im looking for, yup u guessed it the 3 unreleased legends, if anybody is willing to do a trade and trade back? say mew for arecus, celebi for darkrai, a dog or wateva for shaymin etc. and can somebody help me out? if we trade, and the other guy tries to swindle me and turns it off with my legit celebi, will he keep it? or do you have to use the quit function. thanks a lot

I have a lv 51 dialga, i kinda want a good lv salamence, or milotic

My ultimate team _

^(My Machamp isn't really shiney, I ^ just picked it,my charizard is though)

I would like a legit Palkia for any thing I have that I listed above. I am also willing to trade for Pokedex filling to get Palkia.

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OCC: then you will delete the other threads, nee?

but if anyone is interested...ask me for a pokemon....If i cared I'd get you it ^^; but I'm currently looking for a growlithe....

Anyone got a Darkrai?

DUDE!!! Did you not read the rules for this forum? you baka....delete those posts or we will remove them by force!

Sorry for this being off topic T_T

( Edited on 03.07.2007 22:14 by Kousetsu )

Hey kousetsu i have a growlithe level 1 untrained what are u looking to trade for it.

Please respond to trade offers via the PM system, not in this thread.

I'm looking for the Surfing and Volt Tackling Pikachu from Battle Rev. I am offering either shiny Chansey, lv100 Diagia or Lv100 XD Jap Lugia. Please PM me if you are intersted in trading. I only allow one for one trades

trading lvl 100 shiny dialga!!!

i need any rare pokemon like lugia, ho-oh, darkrai, arceus and all of those pm me and what you want ok thanx fellasSmilie

I am looking for a Gible and I don't mind trading Munchlax, Squirtle, Charmander, Piplup, Chimpchar, Turtwig, Mareep, Snorlax and others. I also wouldn't mind either obtaining or just pokedexing Chikorita,Cyndaquil or Totodile.


anybody want any johto starters pm me to offerSmilie

im looking for a legendary poke perferably a garatina or groudon if u have anf over lvl 50 i can trade just offer and post wat u want and pm me

i got a lvl 65 groudon that i dont use... i want either any older legits like lugia or any shiny if they r desent. or any good/rare pokemon

i need help with my natinol dex im onli 3 pokes away # 134 135 and # if u could also mabey do some trdin that would be sweeto thx o and pms me and im offlie right now.

can you read the rules? no double and repeat posting! and you can use serebii.net or some other website to find Pokemon locations...also battle trainers in the game you most likely avoided! Good training if you need some level boosts!

It requires great courage to look at oneself honestly, and forge one's own path.

does anybody have any shiny pokemon they can trade me for something. the shiny has to be kinda good like 30 or up or any old legits like lugia that'll be great. pm me back plz. TYSmilie

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