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I'll come back, just to disappear again.

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Fuming. Awesome tho.

( Edited 28.08.2014 10:03 by Hoj )

Hoj Pip

"Last Post"

I won Smilie

Hoj said:

Fuming. Awesome tho.


(Also, I'm winning Smilie )

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Livid. Amazing tho.


Hoj Pip

PT laaaaad.

PT lid. What's your real name Az?

Hoj Pip


wtf is in your avatar?

Az do we know if Abe's had 250,000 sales yet or whatever it was?

Hoj Pip

They estimated they'd need about 500k actually.

But no, it's apparently done well on PS4, but they have to wait until they release on all other platforms first. Taking some time unfortunately.

Can't wait to preload soon, Hoj.

Hoj Pip

Joke that. Can't wait though to see if there's a Abe's Exoddus remake and that.

Az I'm making a new site called Squared2. or Tesseracted4. Haven't decided yet.

Hoj Pip

Let me be admin. You can be a mod.

Ask Albin why I can't reply to his YouTube comments, too. Little 'reply' box doesn't appear. Does on Taco's post though. Fat lump.

Ugh, Taco.

Hoj Pip

Blast from the past. Back to win this shit right here. 

Echoes221 said:
Blast from the past. Back to win this shit right here. 

Not so fast!
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No one has posted on this thread for over a year. I think it's we had a new winner, don't you? <(^^,)>

( Edited 15.06.2016 09:47 by Echoes221 )

Nah, because I am winning now. :p

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LOL! CLassic.


Our member of the week

Go go Pac Man Smilie !

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