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I feel for you man. I suffer from Paranoia too.Smilie

No comment.

Oh come now, they couldn't possibly be the same person, jb spends too much time working the internet to his whim with little time to post, while Jacob posts regularly, or he used to... try two more reasonable people, like SuperLink and Jacob, seem pretty clonish to me, with their mod powers.Smilie

Don't know where you get that anti-American B.S. from.Smilie

Proud United State-ian

He's not dead, he's electroencephalographically challenged.

The old banner had Mario glaring at the words "USA". Coincidence? I'll answer for you: probably. But wouldn't it be cool to think that JB is after to take over America? Also, noticed how JB hasn't posted yet? HIDING, JB?! HUH?!

No, I am JB!

There's more. the new C3's look has changing banners at the top. On the Mario Party banner, Luigi is looking up at the search bar in FEAR. He KNOWS what people have been searching, and he KNOWS what they have found... While Mario and the others are under C3's brainwashing, Luigi is the only one who knows... he waits and cowers alone... waiting... in fear...

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

THAT'S IT! You all know too much!

*reaches for website self-destruct button*

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