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He's gone Xbox crazy! Just bought this lot for £30. Very happy with that deal.

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But why? Your 360 could have played most of the XB games anyway? 

Just wanted a huge box in your house? 

Keyword is "most." It won't play DOAX1, so I needed an OG Xbox. Plus, I'm somewhat of a collector, and a good deal is a good deal, so nice to have an extra couple of old consoles I've missed out on. Will be able to pick up any OG Xbox games that won't work on the 360 now too.

OG Xbox is the shizzle. Good buy.

Cheers! Looking forward to playing it. It's amazing how well some games still look on the OG Xbox. Tecmo at the time really got the most out of it, hence DOA3 and DOAX1 still looking superb today.

I still think the remake of Conker looked ok, but then the fact its censored MORE than the N64 version makes it inferior.

See if you can find the Panzaar Dragoon and Jet Set games on there. SEGA's support of the console was probably one of the best things about it!

Took your suggestion, Flynnie. Few new additions.

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Awww i miss the ELSPA ratings, they used to have an office in my small town which is in the middle of no where!

How do you find the time to play these old Xbox games?? Or are you just collecting?

lol I don't have the chance to play almost every game I buy. It is really just for collection's sake, and the hope that one day I might get around to them. Can't resist buying things if they're cheap. It's usually the RPGs that I don't have time for, but can't pass them up. I should be mostly done for now with picking up new games unless there's something else I'm desperate to add to the collection.

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Big week for me! Put pre-orders down on Bayonetta and Cloud amiibo too...urgh! 

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