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Azuardo said:
What's the reason for two of them? One to open and one to display as sealed?

When the pre-orders went up I never got a confirmation email when I put my order i got worried, so I set up another account and purchased another one just in case. Tempted to give it my cousin for his Christmas present although I could evily scalp it and get my money back and then some! Mwahaha! 

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Fanatec ClubSport V3 pedals. I finally upgraded from Logitech G29 (really does do the job well for my current needs). I'm still using the G29 wheel itself, but this beast is on a whole different level. The load-cells allow for really authentic resistance on the brakes and gas, the seconds are dropping off on iRacing already. Smilie 

Also this:

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( Edited 18.09.2017 19:58 by The Strat Man )

FF9 PS4 version. Had to be done.

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( Edited 22.09.2017 21:07 by Azuardo )

Our member of the week

Would get this, if it was coming to Switch...

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

For sure. It has some niggles, but nothing serious.

The biggest culprit is that music resets to the beginning of the track after a battle, which may not bother some people, but it's pretty frustrating because you don't get to hear the full tracks of certain themes. The incredible thing is that this happened in the FF7 and FFX ports to PS4, which were absent in their previous versions, so there is some weird thing going on with the PS4 ports of these that causes this stupid bug. They patched this out of FFX, but not FF7, much to my annoyance.

I can put up with this tho, and I'm able to enjoy it much better with the x3 speed and no encounter options. FF9 was renowned for its slow battles and lack of encounter disabler/reducer, so it's great to play it at a quicker pace, having gone through it countless times before.

Trophies should all be doable for me, but they made a trophy for 1000 jumps in the skipping game, so I can kiss goodbye to the platinum trophy lol. I imagine this is gonna be one of the hardest platinums to obtain because of that one minigame lol.

Just ordered this for a fiver. The list of content sounds impressive, so a good addition to my SNES Mini purchase this week!

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In SNES The Complete Manual, we celebrate everything about this iconic system, from its brilliant software and memorable peripherals to the designers and developers that helped bring it to life. Read on and let the nostalgia trip commence.

Collector's guide
- Review the essential hardware and software that should be a part of any SNES collection

Greatest Games
- Count down the best games to ever grace the SNES. Did you favourite make the list?

Iconic Characters
- Revisit the games that turned Mario, Link and Samus into bona fide gaming icons

Developer Interviews
- Discover the inside stories behind your favourite games with in-depth developer interviews

Also inside...
- Retroinspection: SNES
- Perfect 10 games
- Classic Moments: The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past
- Ultimate Guide to Axelay
- Spotlight On Street Fighter II Turbo
- The Making of Super Metroid
- Classic Moments: Wild Guns
- Mode 7 heaven
- Classic Moments: Contra III: The Alien Wars
- The Making of Super Mario World
- Classic Moments: Super Turrican
- RPG heaven: The greatest SNES RPGs of all time
- Classic Moments: The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja
- Spotlight on Super Mario Kart
- The Making of Super Star Wars trilogy
- Classic Moments: F-Zero
- Top 25 SNES games

( Edited 23.09.2017 19:52 by Azuardo )

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Busy old week for me!

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Enjoying the SNES Classic???

Yeah! And now it's easily soft-moddable, so just installed a bunch more games like DKC 2 and 3!

The standard games have been serving me very well tho. Flicking between so many of them. Good memories.

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