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Just payed off my Final Fantasy Tactics A2 pre-order so i\'ll own that tomorrow Smilie

UPDATE: Just got Bad Company, Brawl and Tactics A2 so a good holidays for me.

( Edited 26.06.2008 00:52 by mage_mccloud )

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I don't normally buy CDs but it's amazing. Coldplay are fantastic.

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I bought Shadow of the Colossus recently. Everyone who's watched me playing it keeps saying how boring it is. Smilie

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Not my photo, found it on the net, still you get the point. Brawl in Special Edition TEXTURED Sleeve of doom. Smilie

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SuperLink did you get a Zelda or ZZS card with your Brawl cus your supposed to. I didn'tSmilie

I got.... *ahem* BOTH Smilie

What I find weird is why there are only cards of those 2. NoE are so sexist. Smilie

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NoE are run by radical feminist. Those crazy bitches.Smilie

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Bloody amzing and cant hear anything outside. The best in ear headphone, close to big beefy ones spec:
9mm driver
magnet: NdFeB
Freq range: 100-18000 Hz
impedance: 16 ohms
max input: 10mW

So haps! only 19.99

And of course:

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15 not bad. They are massive though compared to my crappy original ones.

( Edited 04.07.2008 10:19 by saunderscowie )

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Triple whammy today.Smilie

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3 quid off eBay.


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a tenner each.

Needless to say I'll be kept busy over the weekend. Smilie

I came close to winning Kotor from the same guy I got Fable from. I'm determined to get it one day, my favourite XBox game.Smilie

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Later i'm picking up:

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then a DS game (not sure what yet though)

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Zomg, that green ds lite is love. I hate you. Smilie

Come over and play it?

lulz Smilie

I haven\'t actually opened it yet because I am away for 10 days starting Monday so i\'ll wait until I get back.

( Edited 04.07.2008 19:46 by saunderscowie )

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That green DS just looks too good. I need one.

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From Amazon, should be here in a couple of days.

I'm on a roll Smilie

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Double Post >_>

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9.99 off Zavvi.co.uk.

The music is no where near as good as Rush1 but it\'s still a great game. Marine is a great addition, (finally!) she\'s just so adorable and funny that it\'d be difficult to hate her.Smilie

Trying to get the 6th and 7th Emeralds off Johnny, is it possible!?!Smilie

( Edited 05.07.2008 17:14 by iFrit yoyo )

Off Topic (sorry)


Unboxing of my green DS Lite Smilie

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I think you and me must be some of the only people who like Marine Ifrit Smilie Although I like Cream too, I think I must be the only one there.

Pokmon Ranger is great, underrated and underrecognised.

And I found the Emerald easier to get than on Sonic Rush 1...

I just got this:

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Holy shit my connection is awesome now! :O

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Not video game related, but I just purchased the V for Vendetta trade paperback. Smilie

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iFrit yoyo said:
Trying to get the 6th and 7th Emeralds off Johnny, is it possible!?!Smilie

Regardless of what you think of the games themselves, I don't see how any sane person can deny that the army of characters and the stories are just shit. Bad guy locking cute little animals in robots - now there's a story! It's so good you don't even need to explain it in the game. Just a sentence in the instruction book will doSmilie

You're all kidding yourselves that every new gimp added to the roster enriches the world. They're just really really crap.

Apologies for the rant. It was just hearing that the Chaos Emeralds have ended up in the hands of someone/thing called 'Johnny'. What the hell!!??

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Less posty, more gamey.

Artmonkey, you\'re just being ignorant Smilie Besides, if you knew anything about Sonic Rush Adventure you\'d know it was set in a completely different location to most Sonic games, which is why the only returning characters are Sonic and Tails, while all the new characters introduced will never be seen again.

By the way, Johnny is a robot who can swim fast. From that I think it\'s easy to guess who really has the Chaos Emeralds.

( Edited 06.07.2008 12:44 by SuperLink )

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2 White GC Controllers (XL cable), one vintage Cigar (98). Five packets of Rizla and sum moroccan pox. See how they all connect Smilie

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Linkyshinks where did you order the white GC controllers from?

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