Rumor: Skies of Arcadia 2 To Show Up This Year? [news]

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I've beaten the first one on DC, then Legends on GC (the DC one was long, and the Legends one was a tiny bit revised... e.g. the ship value in Legends doesn't even matter...) and I plan on beating it again when #2 comes out =) Yafutoma vs. Armada cutscene ftw! That and Ramirez battle (all of them) + music for it ftw too!

NecromancerG (guest) 16.11.2009#27

HELL YES! I absolutly loved skies of arcadia! A sequal would be only the greatest thing ever! Heres hoping that there is one coming out!SmilieSmilieSmilie

the blue roughs (guest) 14.02.2010#28

Yes I want a skys of arkadea 2 that game was epic

Raiu (guest) 30.03.2010#29

It has been about two years after this thing has been posted and STILL no SKIES OF ARCADIA 2!!Has anyone even heard a littly about this? I NEED TO KNOW IF THIS BIBLE TO MANY GAMERS WILL BE CONTINUED!!!! And I think that the next game would be a lot about the rumored BLACK MOON, other than that, I have no clue.

Kireek Nagasaki (guest) 19.04.2010#30

FUCK YEAH I DO!!! ALWAYS BEEN A BIG FAN OF IT! when it first came out on the Dreamcast Good O'll days!!! SmilieSmilie

Pen64guy (guest) 21.04.2010#31

SmilieHells to t he frigging yes!!!

Stavie (guest) 12.06.2010#32


chase (guest) 12.06.2010#33

i would love to see a sequel for Skies. i would be happy if they just remade the original but enhanced the graphics and gave voices to the characters so you wouldn't have to read everything

Shadow (guest) 16.07.2010#34

i played the first one over adn over i loved the game and i would not stop playing it i wish they would bring it out on wii or xbox260 beacuse tehey are the consoles i currently own that it might come out on but mainly the wii i would give load of money to be able to play a new one of it and see if it was any good now than it was beforeSmilieSmilie

frosty (guest) 26.07.2010#35


Jezenia (guest) 28.07.2010#36

i love skies of arcadia so much i still play it on dreamcast pintas quest is addicting when u cant be next to ur tv

Edward (guest) 05.08.2010#37

Please , tell the people about the release date of this game. I'm a hardcore fan of skies of arcadia and I'd love to know when skies of arcadia 2 will release.

MrsStowe03 (guest) 17.02.2011#38

OH my do not toy with me I love this game as much as I love zelda WE Need another skies of arcadia

furking awesome (guest) 27.03.2011#39

ive seen this post many times over the past 5 years u just changed it so it would look like its more recent. i want the SoA 2 but it really pisses me off that people just keep posting shit that might not be true because its a german site means that not many people are going to go to that artical and spend 3 hours using google translate to figure out if its true or not i hate people who give false hope cause they are dicks or they have no better use of there time

Stuart A (guest) 26.09.2022#40

Pen64guy (guest) said:
SmilieHells to t he frigging yes!!!

yes lass is it on yet?  

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