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Yep, defo looking forward to where the future is going in Blomkamp's movie and what he decides to do canonically, but I will probably dislike it by default if it's using clone Ripley, so I'm still apprehensive.

And like I say with Prometheus before, it seemed to rewrite things from Alien 1. Unless I've truly missed something, I still don't get how they discover that human ancestor alien skeleton in its cockpit with chest burst open when he actually got out and got killed by the alien in Prometheus. So can only assume that's a rewrite of that original event and wonder if there could be more in Covenant.

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There's a dedicated wikia, I believe it's called xenopedia, that should offer some interesting reading.

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Watched Hard Candy again the other night. Really good film that. I'm gonna try and catch up on another Ellen Page film I've missed, Into the Forest.

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