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Lot of junk food quite look tasty and delicious that makes you want to eat it over and over, unless you order it more.

Yet, million of america are eating overexcessive of junk food, but me once in a while, this week july 4th, I would be probably eating overexcessive of food.

So... My favorite food is pizza with pepperoni, and I ordered Large, can anyone of you deliever it for me!? Smilie

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Pho - Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup.

Love it.

Char Siu and Ramen.

Sifu Avenger said:
So... My favorite food is hashish with pepperoni, and I ordered Large, can anyone of you deliever it for me!? Smilie

Yeah Ramen is delicious but I just love steak (with anything).

Oh stop a sexy medium to well done steak with home made chips with peppercorn sauce (or gravy) Smilie

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I don't care what flavour I can just eat these all day.

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I think I'd have to say ramen. When I eat it in the right place; it's fucking expensive but it's ooooooh so nice. Smilie

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Ketchup makes any food taste nice. But nothing beats a good bit of beef, however you want it.

hmmm it usually depends on my mood...i love spaghetti..pizza...nice steak...hamburgers(from this restaurant thats expensive but very good, close to my house)

EDIT: Its actually steakburger Smilie thats what makes it so good

( Edited 01.07.2008 17:39 by Demoni Rakkausenkeli )

Italian food such as lasagna, spaghetti, and pizza. Make Davao food to include on the list, the food in the Philippines. Smilie

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I love food, especially Japanese and Chinese (Dim Sum!) I've got to say that Japanese wins out with Bento boxes and Sushi, but only just!

Aside from that, I love duck, lamb, meat in any form basically as well as most seafood (especially prawn and crab!). Italian is awesome too Smilie


Easily Pizza. I'm a vegetarian so I stick with cheese. My favorite joints are Mr. Gattis (also known as Gatti town) Papa Johns, a little joint near my town called Dino's, and Dominoes. Little Ceasers is good for cheap junk pizza.

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