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Thanks man, definitely gonna save that for a read later on. The fact that people to this day still come up with theories as to just what the hell happened in FF8 tells you something. I've the urge to replay FFs 7-10 lately, and thinking about the stories like this reconfirms that.

I'm starting my re-run through at ffvi, with the release on the psn store, it's a better time than any

LBP FFVII costume packs coming on July 13th. PS EU blog
Edit: LBP2 only it seems.

£1.59 each for: Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa and Aerith.
Or £4.79 for the whole pack including bonus Vincent.

Disappointing at lack of other characters, but still, at least they're finally here. Would be great if they did some other FF characters like Squall, Tidus and Lightning too.

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( Edited 17.07.2011 20:58 by Azuardo )

awww no Vivi, oh well i'll pass till either Squall, Kuja or Lightning ones come out

These have been 3 years in the making though, for some reason. They were announced way back and have only finally come out. Really strange. It would definitely make sense to release some others outside of FF7 too though.

I'm playing FF8 atm, and really speeding through it. Card modding at the start of the game gives you access to a ton of awesome magic which you can junction and just become unstoppable.

I gave the Squall's Dead theory a read, and it was definitely pretty interesting. I don't know if Square would quite have intended for that to be the actual case, but it's an interesting theory nonetheless.

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First bits from Famitsu's report on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy have surfaced. Here's what's new:
•The game will have over 50 songs.
•The songs include three songs each for FFI through FFXIII, corresponding to each game's Field, Battle and Event stages.
•In addition to 3D visuals, the game will have surround sound.
•A release is planned for Winter.
•Development on the game originally started on the DS but the project was moved to the the 3DS. The staff apparently had space issues on the DS, something that was resolved with the platform switch.

50 songs. Cannot wait to hear them.

Just read the news about Versus XIII cutscenes, hopefully it plays as fun as it sounds

( Edited 14.07.2011 14:24 by mage_mccloud )

It sounds amazing. It might as well be FF15 going on how it already looks and sounds. Night and day feature as well. Cannot wait for it.

Kitase: Final Fantasy HD Console Collection Would Be Seriously Considered if Demand Was High Enough

Ughhh, fuck, do it. DO IT.

Azuardo said:
Kitase: Final Fantasy HD Console Collection Would Be Seriously Considered if Demand Was High Enough

Ughhh, fuck, do it. DO IT.

'demand is high enough'
Do they even need to ask? They've done plenty of DS remakes, a HD collection would sell incredibly well, also a Kingdom Hearts HD collection would also sell like crazy once the 3rd is announced

I know right? Surprised Square in particular haven't jumped on the HD collection bandwagon yet, considering their financial difficulty. Easy money.

Also just found this snippet on the Soul Calibur V wikia, which I also posted in the SCV topic:

"Daishi Odashima mentioned on his twitter that he would like to add Final Fantasy characters as guest fighters, therefore hinting a possibility for the first time that Final Fantasy characters appears in the upcoming game."

Just put Light in and be done with it.

Also now playing FF9. God, I love this game so much.

FFXIII-2 coming to North America in Jan 2012

Hope it's not too much longer for us either. Was secretly hoping for 2011 release, but always thought it'd be 2012. If it's Jan for Europe too, that'd be great.

Game will also be playable this week at Comic-Con. Hopefully some new info, artwork, music, sexy Lightning stuffs.

Final Fantasy Type-0 releases in Japan on October 13th.
New trailer.
Looks fucking awesome for a PSP game. Wonder if they'll remaster it for PS3 or just release it for download for Vita.


Hello. I liked Final Fantasy from VII to X-2 and really disliked XII.I completed completed all of the ones stated above apart from VII, which was my last to play (after X-2) and I found the graphics to be much of an annoyance. I started with IX and loved it, however VIII is clearly the best.

*gives Azuardo discussion"

Haha, nice one mate.

Replaying the PSone FF games on PSP makes them look so much better. FFVII isn't so bad on a small screen, and besides, it's really only the field character models that look messy. Battle models like pretty good.

FFIX is a great place to start though, and I'm replaying it again atm. I can never really pick my fave FF, but right now, IX comes very close. It's got everything you would want in an RPG, and is by far the best looking PSone FF.

Interesting you say VIII is the best. That was my second FF after VII, and I too loved it. Recently did it again and flew through it after getting a lot of quality magic through refining in the early stages. Combined with Enc-None, you can speed through it and appreciate the story more. Of which I thought FFVIII's story was pretty damn sweet. A bit complicated to get your head around in the end, but I like that to this day people have their own theories as to wtf happened.

I'm a massive fan of FFX's Conditional Turn Based battle system though, and would love that to make a return.

I played XII after XIII, and began to think maybe XIII's battles could have been better if they used some of what they did in XII, like the gambit system. But in the end, I realised what they were going for in XIII, namely speed and flashiness, and it worked (and I liked it). That said, I was expecting worse in XII, and it really surprised me. I was very impressed with the game overall, but the story didn't quite live up to other FFs.

XIII itself was entertaining for me, but obviously the linearity was everyone's biggest complaint, and mine too. No freedom, no mini games, and the farming for rare items was tedious beyond hell. Compare to the amount of sidequests and good rewards in FFVII and IX. I love Lightning though, and pretty much all the other characters, although a lot would have a very different opinion there. I'm so hyped for the sequel, but I am slightly worried with what we've seen so far; namely only Noel and Serah as playables, and having monsters as helpers in battle. Really hope Light's story is just as long as Noel's/Serah's, and that we all join up with others like Snow and Hope later.

( Edited 17.08.2011 03:34 by Azuardo )

How can I play the games on PSP? I take it involves a newer version than my PSP and an account + PS3 for the store?

I loved IX, but I really clicked with VIII and I got into the junction system quite quickly (sitting there on boss fights draining Triple and putting it on Squal's speed and then Meteor on my team's magic resistance so they could take no damage from the mobs on Hell Island, etc.

And I agree, the story can be surreal in some places.

I admit the combat in XIII looks quite nice, I liked the fast paced idea, remind me of X-2. Although I've not played it, I've watched my girlfriend play XII and XIII.

You can download Final fantasy VII through IX (And maybe tactics?) on the playstation store under PSone classics. They are big though. It doesn't matter what psp you have, just so long as you can access the store and have 1.5gigs or so of space on your memory card.

I have VIII on my psp. I'm on disc 3. Gonna try to beat it and then start VII before the 29th because that's when classes start for me. I'm hoping to maybe do "Final fantasy VII in seven days". And then maybe write a review it in my blog or something. Its gotta be a special VII days.

Alternatively, if you're into the PSP modding scene, you can download any PSone game or rip your PSone discs and play them.

I liked the junction system too, but it really did make things super easy once you know how to get the best magic early on.

I enjoyed FFX-2's ATB battles, although I wasn't fully fond of what they'd turned Yuna and the others into. It was definitely a nice experience to revisit the world, see familiar faces and make a happy ending though. But I have to say I'm glad XIII-2 isn't going down the same road as X-2.

Duggler, you'll definitely be able to get VII done in a week. That would be cool to get it done in 7 days. And definitely write a review too! Always love hearing other people's views on FF games.

By the way, FF Type 0 is looking really damn good. I've actually tried to stay clear from it a little bit now to save me from spoiling much, even if there isn't an overseas release planned yet. Although I do think a PS3 or Vita version is likely. I'm certainly gonna keep my eye on it.

Despite some FF titles getting a bad rap, I thing Square Enix outdoes themselves with every game. How do we improve on a three disc long game? make the next one four. How do we improve on four discs? return the series to its roots with the graphical overhaul of the new hardware. Beat that you say? ok, here's full voice acting.

Type-0 looks amazing. And BIG. I can't get over the bigness of it all. That five minute trailer is stunning and two UMDs is crazy. I was really hoping it would be out this year in the States, but oh well. Really hope it doesn't get the inevitable Vita, or PS3 release. I'd like to see the PSP get one last "hurrah" before its discontinued.

That being said, I'd love to see Square go crazy-apeshit-insane and give us Versus XIII on two Blu-ray discs. Smilie

In some ways, I'd rather it not get released on PSP here because frankly, the system is doing shit. Everyone will pirate the game and Square might not see fit to give us another grand FF as it again on a handheld.

I would much rather them give it the PSP Remaster treatment on PS3. The graphics are good enough already for a PSP game, but it could look even better, coupled with trophies and maybe camera controls or something. Would love another console FF to tie me over after XIII-2 whilst I wait for Versus XIII (which looks fucking amazing in itself, and might as well be FFXV).

mage_mccloud, with all due respect, I put as much stock in that theory as I do that Ash died at the start of the Pokémon series and that the rest is a dream. It was just as well written as that link, if not more so, but.. really?

This trailer actually got me pumped for this game again. Need.


Ahh, I feel kind of bad just jumping into the conversation with no introduction or anything. ^^; I'm Thalia! (I'm not allowed to make a new topic until I have five posts..?)

Anyway, I haven't played many "classic" Final Fantasy games. My favorite is Final Fantasy X, but then again, I don't really have any that I disliked. I've played Final Fantasy X, X-2, XII & XIII (although I haven't finished the latter two--I got stuck in XII and had to stop XIII because life got too busy). I own VIII, but I need to get a PS1 memory card to play/save it, and I plan on getting VII, IX, and Tactics on the PSN. (:

Oh yeah, I forgot about the 5 posts rule, sorry Thalia! You can introduce yourself properly when you make 5 then :] But welcome anyway, and thanks for joining! ;] (and it's alright, no one's really having a conversation at the mo; it's mostly just me talking to myself and posting new vids/news xD)

You've got a lot of enjoyment to come. I started with VII so it's probably my fave, but I think IX is a very special game that every FF fan must play too. I plan to replay X at some point, but I think Uncharted 3 and Skyward Sword are going to have something to say about that! And then XIII-2 comes, which I'm now so pumped for!

( Edited 27.08.2011 00:46 by Azuardo )

Our member of the week

Welcome on C3 Thalia.

And please make FF IX your top priority Smilie. Best FF in those that you plan to get Smilie !

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