Project Natal-- HOLY crap!

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I can\'t believe there isn\'t already a thread about this. Microsoft\'s keynote today introduced \"Project Natel\"-- It\'s a sort of sensor bar for the 360 armed with a camera, microphone, and some sort of \"depth sensor\" that claims to provide real-time 3D motion tracking for total gaming immersion.

Just watch this video: it\'s fucking unbelievable.

Gizmodo link

I have no idea how this works. With a (presumably) affordable, tiny sensor, the Xbox is somehow processing a crapload of stuff: it\'s separating a person from the background, tracking said person in 3D (all by itself! No tracking dots, greenscreen, etc), understanding the tracked motion, and somehow, doing all this instantly. Not only that, but its camera is somehow wide enough to cover an entire living room and presumably sensitive enough to work without light.

I have a semi-experienced background in film and video effects. How can Natal work? Even 2D tracking can only be done with expensive, advanced software, like Motion 3 or Adobe After effects-- and it\'s nowhere near real-time, and it isn\'t always accurate. For 3D tracking, there\'s an entire new class of expensive programs, and I\'m pretty sure those usually require tracking dots or a lot of processing time.

If this actually works-- well, I\'m pretty damn amazed.

( Edited 02.06.2009 08:28 by MasterStyl )

crap is right any one thinking this will really work it just be a add on like PSeye no one really care about or use

rofl, don't be a dismissive fanboy. If this works like the promo vids-live 3D tracking-it'll be amazing. Smilie

and you are cant see just how shit it is holding nothing kicking your arms legs around in a room? im going have to clear a area

you going look like a ass holding nothing but air

its a cool toy but it never going to be use for anything

its just M$ trying to push they way in where the wii is

You\'re an idiot; your argument is weak and one-sided, your grasp of English is horrible, and you clearly have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this thread. The points of your reply, (as far as I can decipher) are that the Natal is both \"shit\" and Microsoft\'s attempt at \"trying to push [sic] they way in where the wii is.\"

Uh-huh. You\'re a spammer and a troll. Go back to kindergarten, child.

( Edited 02.06.2009 09:48 by MasterStyl )

Tis pretty cool, could really help sell the arcade pack to casuals if it's bundled.

Suppose they could go the wiiplay route aswell and attach it to some crappy game disk which will sit in the top 10 for three years.

^^Click for a wallpaper version^^

It's very impressive stuff, but it looks like it may require a lot of space. I don't know if my room has the space to jump around like that. Looks to me like it only works in Ikea on on a fucking huge E3 stage. Smilie

Also I think it'll be one of those peripherals that ultimately isn't used much... still, I'll wait for more before "passing judgement". The stuff in the promotional vid was clearly staged though, like all those old Wii ads.

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It looks impressive. I watched the press conference and couldn't quite believe it.
I did notice that there seems to be a delay between what you do and what happens on screen. That could just be the software rathe than the hardware though.
Milo (from Lionhead Studios)seems very impressive, but I wonder just how much he understands.

I have lots of doubts, and I hate that video due to the rancid cheese odour. But presumibly, they wouldn't release it if it doesn't work - so I look forward to being fascinated by some real games making use of it. Smilie

I really hope they don't make it too expensive.

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MasterStyl why the fuck are you dissing Jump's english for? It's not his first language so you should be more respectful towards that fact. He's not being one sided he's being real. Stupid shit is stupid and that looks stupid. They created a new type of eye toy and showed us the target audience -- adolescent douchers. That's Jump's opinion if you want clean english. Go suck a bag of knobs for dissing his english. :-x

Anyone else find that trailer reminiscent of the original Wii trailer?

( Edited 02.06.2009 11:42 by Angus )

If it goes as advertised, it will be quite something, I didn't quite like the thing with the girls chatting about parties and dresses and stuff, very... Casual.

Anyway, yeah, I think it's safe to say that it won't be as good as it seemed on the Ad.

I looks very impressive. I've always disliked the 360 due to its failures, but the new camera bar thing looks very wii like. Not only that they have advanced what it can do, voice recognition and such. At the end of the day it'll all come down to software, with the 360 getting the best tird party support its looking promising for microsoft. It could fail if they do not support it for the start though. But marry 3d motion sensing with HD visuals and you get a very attractive offer. Roll on Sony and Nintendo's conferences. I hope they're as good as Microsofts.

I think this could be packaged with the next Xbox and used for most games if Microsoft get it right. The way it quickly scanned items and recognised movement looked great and was a huge shock to me and my brother as we were just expecting crap like the eyetoy.

@ Jump - I don't think holding nothing and flailing is anymore stupid looking than holding a Wii remote and flailing. Smilie

I really hope this works as good as it looks. Smilie

wAyNe - sTaRT said:

@ Jump - I don't think holding nothing and flailing is anymore stupid looking than holding a Wii remote and flailing. Smilie

Indeed, holding a Wii remote and Nunchuck limits how sillily you can flail around, this however, has no limits, you can look silly in epic proportions. Smilie


Yeah I see myself going out the window. Ugh FIFA's gonna suck.

We're probably gonna hear less of people complaining about their children's Wii remotes flying into the TV, and hearing more complaints about children flying headfirst into the TV instead. I can just picture the headlines.

Guest 02.06.2009#18

Just watched the demonstration of p Natal. What a bunch of retarded children in the audience, which I assume are game 'journalists'?

"OH MY GOD HE JUST DISSED THE WII" (really? Are we back in kindergarten again?)

"Jesus christ this is amazing!" - referring to a guy throwing a bucket of paint on a canvas. Whoopee.

"There was no warning not to punch the TV, there wasn't even a wrist Strap"

I can see this going very badly. "I knocked out my freind with my Fist during multiplayer boxing~I'm sueing microsoft"


why wiimote work is it give you somthing in your hands as well, to move around as this will be use for nothing more then game we saw for ps eye

( Edited 02.06.2009 15:55 by Jump_button )

Jump_button said:
why wiimote work is it give you somthing in your hands as well, to move around as this will be use for nothing more then game we saw for ps eye

I don\'t see how something to hold makes any difference, if anything, it\'s just hand clutter and extra weight. In reality you don\'t really wanna go skateboarding holding a Wii remote wired to a nunchuck. It all just depends on how well this senses motion.

( Edited 02.06.2009 15:59 by Kiyoshi )

Eyetoy much?

Kiyoshi said:]I don\'t see how something to hold makes any difference, if anything, it\'s just hand clutter and extra weight


Sigh too easy.

( Edited 02.06.2009 16:01 by Echoes221 )

Guest 02.06.2009#24

Hmm that video is pretty bad haha.
I can\'t understand why racing with your hands is better than racing with a steering wheel. And I\'m sure noone wants to be the pit stop wheel changing guy.

The football game looked cool to play though, but how are you going to simulate the running?

( Edited 02.06.2009 16:04 by Bart.... )

Echoes221 said:


Sigh too easy.

Hahaha Oh Wow. Smilie

Anyway. I\'m surprised that Nintendo havn\'t tried anything using the whole body yet, I thought they were gonna make like, football games, where you attatch the Wii remote and nunchuck to your lower legs and stuff, and trip yourself over, causing more tragic cases that have Nintendo ENTIRELY to blame. Smilie The fact that there are no wires seems pretty good. Don\'t try it Echoes, no matter what you see in there...

( Edited 02.06.2009 16:09 by Kiyoshi )

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