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That's it for today, I promise, I just made that in the last hour or so, so I thought I'd post it ^^;.

( Edited 16.12.2010 00:45 by knighty )

Lrrr said:
I think I know the one Marzys talking about. If I remember rightly, there were a couple of rooms to go through.

You also had that Geometry Wars style thing.

Oh man I wish I could find the Geometry Wars game. All the fun we had at lunch time playing that at school Smilie And I still can't remember the other game. I have made several Metroid engines in my time though so they've probably all blurred into 1.

Mini little Mirrors Edge type environment at night, dawn and daytime. The colours aren't a shader hack now, so I'm having trouble getting them exactly right Smilie I also placed down a few fake global illumination lights for this. Came out alright I think. Hope to do some automatic placement of them at some point.

( Edited 17.12.2010 19:02 by knighty )

I'm amazed you've done all this by yourself. I see whole groups of people on other forums trying and failing to make fan mods that are less impressive than what you have made here, and you've done everything (I think..) from the ground up!

Thanks ^^; And yeah, everything is from the ground up. Only third party stuff I use is DirectX ('course), TrueAxis for physics and FMOD for audio.

New vidya.

You should dabble in some OpenGL at some point. I know you've said how shit it is in the past etc, but expanding your skill set couldn't be a bad thing.

I don't think I've ever said it's shit. Unless I work only on pc/xbox for the rest of my life I will end up working on it. But for my engine, there is no point. I can't "dabble" in it for my engine. I would have to rewrite enormous portions from scratch, when I could instead be spending time on graphical techniques which are really all that matter learning wise. Structurally, openGL and DirectX are fundamentally the same. It's just in the implementation.

I didn't mean changing anything you've done here, I just meant at some point you could do a little engine in OpenGL.

purty clouds. Did some fixes to bits and bobs after I uploaded but oh well.

Looks awesome. Do you have a weather system yet (like rain etc)?

Nope not yet. Could be fun to do that soon tho. And thanks.

See if you can innovate with the rain. Rain always looks shit in all games I've seen it in, with one exception - MGS2. But much of that was pre-fabricated into the character models and the environment geometry. I imagine actual dynamic rain which swells in the wind would be a bastard to do. For that matter, the only game I've seen which does snow that settles is Shenmue!

I'm almost completely ignorant about how the magic behind this works, but I'd like to say that it all looks great, Knighty. Congratulations for being awesome, sir.

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I'd use those toilets! Smilie

Not the end one I hope Smilie

( Edited 31.01.2011 21:55 by knighty )

I almost creamed myself with that toilet environment, well done! Smilie

Thank you Smilie Here's a couple more of the toilet/corridor outside I'm now making


So whats the chance of this becoming open-source dare I say?

Of course I totally understand if you want to keep it all to yourself, it's just that I know this would be a great educational tool to students learning programming.

All the source code is up there on my svn.

Cheers, you don't really realise how much work goes into something like this until the code staring you in the face. Smilie

( Edited 03.02.2011 18:26 by Birdo Is A Tranny )

The bathroom from Duke 3D?

That is just beautiful.

Amazing work, well done.

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