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Smilie ty

I'd have to say it's your best work to date (from what I've seen). The rocks are unbelievably good, better than I've seen than in most other games.

Overall, just really beautiful landscapes to look at.

Well I didn't make the rocks personally Smilie But yeah, I really love them. Thanks again, I also think it's my best work, but it's no surprise now I have a fully functioning editor Smilie

( Edited 06.02.2011 18:47 by knighty )


It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

For HL2 fans Smilie

You should do a big 'group photo' of loads of well-known characters.
Wallpaper pack with 4 high quality png images.

( Edited 07.02.2011 19:59 by knighty )

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