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The title says it all; the fourth Sonic the Hedgehog game, due in episodic format later in the year for Wiiware, XBox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.

Original Teaser Trailer;

Our Legendary hero returns! With the Death Egg finally destroyed, and Angel Island back in the sky, Sonic decides it's time to take a break and heads off to explore a new territory on his own. However unbeknownst to Sonic, Eggman has also survived their last encounter, and has begun taking measures to rid himself of our hero. Armed with his signature Speed, super Spin Dash - and powerful Homing Attack, Sonic is ready for an all-new adventure!

( Edited 04.02.2010 22:44 by Phoenixus )

About time! Lets hope they don't muck it up. They generally know what they are doing with 2D sonics though.
(super link will love your Shane)

Echoes221 said:
About time! Lets hope they don't muck it up. They generally know what they are doing with 2D sonics though.
(super link will love your Shane)

I don't know, it's still not the same team that made all the classic Sonics, so there's still potential for this to be a bit of a wet fart. We'll see when it comes out, but it's a step in the right direction.


I want to believe i really do the fact they use speed as one of the point got me worry

sonic game use to be more then just speed

Is this the Sonic cycle happening again?

I don't want anything to do with Sonic he can jog on (pun intended).

Smilie omg omg. I hope it's more Sonic and Knuckles than Sonic Rush. Smilie

Sounds hopeful...
I really don't know what to say. I mostly agree with Martin, I just hope the new team doesn't fuck it up.

If the entire game was like Unleashed's 2D sections that would be disappointing, they always felt really loose compared to the classic/handheld series.

Also I'm annoyed that they announced it so soon. I guess there are no official details yet, but if this hasn't had the development time it deserves then we can already say goodbye to hope.

As a Sonic fan I'll love it anyway, so I can't help but look forward to it... Smilie

Teaser site. (Not actually official, a coincidental fansite)

Yay, it's Sonic-y, that means the game is automatically as good as the classic ones despite half of the Sonic games since SA being Sonic-y!

Someone matched the logo with that of the original Sonic 1 (if it wasn't obvious). I'm calling a remake Smilie

( Edited 07.02.2010 12:46 by Toon SuperLink )

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

A HD remake of the original Sonic might be just what the doctor ordered - all Sonic, no fluff. I think this image puts it across quite nicely..

Image for

Solo Sonic games since the first have felt like they were lacking in the soul department (the Wii games + Unleashed)

Fair enough if you don't like all the characters and story, but some people do. Like people have said before, why should the story matter as long as the gameplay is good? That seems to be the biggest problem with the 3D games, people thought it focused too much on the painfully average story and not enough on the game itself. As long as it's optional, what's the problem? You don't have to choose to play as Blaze assuming they don't force you, but a lot of people would love it.

Of course if they force you to play as characters it will prove they really have learnt nothing. Playing through as optional characters should be for unlocking more extras and little more.

If Sonic is alone then the gameplay had better be worth it, or maybe give him some character development, otherwise it's going to feel pretty soulless.

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Why is there story in Sonic at all? just let him run and platform through levels without the fluff in between. 3 acts, Boss, 3act, Boss, special stage, 3 acts, Boss.

Because people don\'t want the same game again and again forever (and if they say they do they\'re lying)

No matter how amazing Zelda and Pokémon games are, people hate them for being the same as their predecessors. It would happen to Sonic too.

+ some people like the story. I don\'t see why it should be taken out just because some people don\'t when it can all be skipped anyway.

While playing Sonic Heroes, if you keep pressing start after finishing a stage, guess what happens?
2 acts, boss, special stage, 2 acts, boss, special stage.

Not to mention the locations in the game just scream Sonic. But everyone hates Sonic Heroes anyway.

Give people a \"Turn cutscenes off\" button in the options screen and they\'d probably still complain.

( Edited 09.09.2009 12:52 by SuperLink )

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Sonic lost his way when sonic adventure 2 come out, sonic adventure is the first and last 3D sonic game I enjoy playing

sonic looks like sonic

Image for

looks at him he fat little guy then sonic adventure 2

Image for

wtf happen to his legs

and why is tails not flying

Image for

levels go from this

to this

Image for

( Edited 09.09.2009 13:31 by Jump_button )

Sonic in Sonic 1:

Image for

Sonic in Sonic 3:

Image for

His spikes look so \"dynamic\"! Wtf!

As for Tails, he\'s a genius so he can do whatever he wants.

( Edited 09.09.2009 23:04 by SuperLink )

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shit gameplay is still shit gameplay any way you look at it

Jump_button said:
shit gameplay is still shit gameplay any way you look at it

Am I denying that?

What the hell does gameplay have to do with whether the bloody hedgehog is fat or has green eyes? Seriously?

Good gameplay is still good any way you look at it.

Are you telling me you wouldn\'t buy a perfectly good Sonic game just because he\'s lanky in it?

( Edited 09.09.2009 13:43 by SuperLink )

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

sonic dont have a roll any more the level are really shit in fact they shit and boring they next to no think no puzzles

a sonic game need to be a sonic game it lost its way trying to be cool to the kids and have not grow in the right way

sonic game have been nothing but fucking shit for a long time

So jump_button, when was the last time you played a Sonic game without your hatred fogging your vision? If this keeps up you\'ll never enjoy one even if they make one people generally find very good (like Sonic Unleashed\'s daytime stages). Also it sounds to me like you\'re completely ignoring the existence of 5 perfectly good 2D handheld games.

Puzzles? Sonic Rush series has \'em. So do Unleashed\'s night stages (though they suck anyway)
Roll? You mean his spin dash? He never lost it.

EDIT @ Ikana: I think Rush is most infamous for endless pits, much moreso than the classics.

Sonic has never really been about puzzles though. Action platforming yes, which it needs more of, but only very simple puzzles.

( Edited 09.09.2009 14:34 by SuperLink )

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Sonic levels have ALWAYS been boring with no puzzles. Actually I think the newer games are less boring with more puzzles. The old games you just hold right a lot and hope you don\'t fling yourself into an unfairly placed bottomless pit.

I agree that Sonic isn\'t (and shouldn\'t be) about puzzles though. They just break up the pace of the gameplay when they do try to include them.

My favourite games were Adventure 1 and 2. Bring. Back. The. Chao. Garden. :<

( Edited 09.09.2009 14:38 by Ikana )

I like Rush, if DIMPS ever had a had in their own console Sonic I'd get that.

Aw, does this mean no more making fun of crappy sonic games......

that brings a tear to my eye. lets go through some of the good time.

Sonic Heroes
Shadow the Hedgehog
Sonic 06 (Good times)
That racing game with Sonic
Sonic the Werehog. (Zelda rip off....but crappier)
Sonic with a sword. (Wow, he must like Link alot.)
Tennis spinoff where he get owned by Beat everyday....(Jet Set Radio FTW!)

Good times. Smilie

*prepare to have SuperLink tell him otherwise*
(No hard feelings?.........Right?)

Mario, Mega Man and Rayman FTW!!!

Sonic Heroes is the only game in that list I won't let you make fun of, simply because it's really not that awful.

The rest were pretty bad.

But why does it have to end here? Smilie This Sonic could easily be worse than Sonic 2006.

Simez said:
I like Rush, if DIMPS ever had a had in their own console Sonic I'd get that.

Dimps made the daytime stages on Sonic Unleashed Wii. Opinions on that were pretty mixed, stage design was seen as better but there were less enemies 'n' stuff.

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Sonic unleashed was full of character and the daytime stages were all brilliantly designed. Probably my favourite Sonic 3D game. The Wii version looks so empty and boring in comparison to the ps3/360 versions. They should stick with the character/level designs for future 3d sonics.

I liked Sonic Heroes except for the frustrating special stages.

@SuperShyGuy - How is the Werehog a Zelda ripoff? I really cann\'t see the similarities. Smilie

I also don\'t see why people love Sonic Aventure so much and not SA2. It\'s pretty much the same as SA2 except Tails can fly. Smilie

Also, SA1 has the awful Big the Cat fishing levels. Smilie

( Edited 09.09.2009 18:19 by wAyNe - sTaRT )

its so easy. the only way sonic can be not as lame.
FIRE JASON GRIFFITH! talentless piece of garbage........

Mario, Mega Man and Rayman FTW!!!

SuperShyGuy62 said:
its so easy. the only way sonic can be not as lame.
FIRE JASON GRIFFITH! talentless piece of garbage........

He's not bad, but that means a LOT for a 4Kids VA. 4Kids are an overall atrocious studio who just seem to get worse overtime, I think Sega should just cast them all from scratch.

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

I'm too lazy to find the images, but there's a few beautiful fan-made Sonic wallpapers - if you've seen them you'll know what I'm talking about, and if they're thinking along those lines than I will jizz in my pants.


Not that I want to hype this up, we all know what happens when we hype up a game. Especially when its barely in the pipeline, and it's Sonic. Smilie

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