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Good News everyone!

Futurama is due to return to American screens tomorrow, but is already up for streaming and download now! Huzah!

Series six will comprise of 12 episodes, ending with the shows 100th episode.

Hopefully sky/comedy central/whoever brings this to UK screens ASAP

( Edited 23.06.2010 14:33 by Lrrr )

Bobby (guest) 24.06.2010#2

I watched the first two on Tuesday, my god! Have i missed this show! Its easily my favourite show of all the animes. It cracks me up over every little thing. Shame Lrr wasnt in them yet but im sure he will be. Zapp is back! God hes a legend, first thing they said had me on the floor, Professor my Fry Fro is in a Frizz. It's Genius. Cant wait for the next 10! Definetly worth the wait.

i can not wait to see this, can anyone direct me to somewhere tht shows it?

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bobby (guest) 24.06.2010#5

I've no idea what YALDI is but i watched i got it off demonoid, Its also on www.ninjavideo.net should be on the homepage, click the link, run the ninjavideo helper beta thing. Wait for it to say online, click on the episode, type on the code. It will say Connecting, then Buffering, usually takes about 10-20 seconds or so then you're set.

I just finished watching Rebirth. Thought it was rather subpar honestly...it just didn't feel right. It had its moments, and it got me laughing several times. I suppose that's all its supposed to do.

But I just can't shake that feeling that something is missing. Hopefully they'll get back into the 'groove' in the next few episodes.

It did feel a bit weird, but served pretty well to reintroduce the characters again and return the viewer to future once more. Bender got annoying for me though. Sometimes things went on for too long (Leela screaming, Bender partying). The storyline was good, just needed slightly better execution really

With Comedy Central, I hink the creators have more freedom in what they can actually include

( Edited 24.06.2010 00:21 by Lrrr )

Parts with him were funny, but sometimes things went on for too long (Leela screaming, Bender partying)

Yeah! I was thinking the same thing when Leela was screaming ("what the heck is this?"). It felt almost like Family Guy, which seems to litter its episodes with moments that go on for far too long.

I'll complement them on the twist toward the end though. Its nothing monumental, but it made me widen my eyes. Didn't see it coming!

Can't wait, this will be cool. I hope it doesnt turn into crap like that Family Guy. (In the words of CBG from the Simpsons, "Worst. Show. Ever."

But I have faith in Matt Groening. He has never let me down or made me angry. A great man and a talented mind at making cartoons deserves to have all the success he can.

God Bless Matt, The Simpsons and Futurama!

Mario, Mega Man and Rayman FTW!!!

now watched the first 2 episodes and i love them, i will agree something was missing from the first one but it still had some great moments. the second one was just funny funny funny.

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I actually really wish they'd air this in the UK already, does anyone have any links to sites where I can watch it?

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This is still on?

I am huge fan of the funny cartoon show and never missed it's any episode. I've enjoyed it's all aired episodes from season 6 and today excitedly waiting for enjoy it's latest episode 17. I hope you all also getting excited for enjoy it today.

I am also waiting for Bleach episode 325 telecast today. It my most favorite anime and i getting excited to enjoy it before enjoy futurama.

( Edited 08.06.2011 06:29 by jonespaker )

A new Futurama season (series for you UKers) starts tonight in the States! SmilieSmilie

I'm pumped -- I haven't loved all the new episodes since the series was saved, but it's still consistently clever. It's still one of the most uniquely entertaining shows on television.

Do the new episodes air in Europe tonight as well, or are you guys working on a different schedule?

I don't think it's on British T.V, but I'll watch it anyway.

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