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Azuardo said:

SirLink said:
I'm not sure if this is intended or not but I received a Cubed3 newsletter for 2 replies in the "Welcome to the New Look Cubed3" news post this morning. However, I've read those replies several hours before I went to sleep and my notifications were empty when I went offline. Wouldn't it make more sense for the newsletter to be sent if they're still unread and piling up in your notifications?

Not 100% sure this is the reason, but if you click the Notifications button at the top, does it drop down with any topics that are highlighted in yellow/orange? If there is some, that could be the reason you still got the email, even if you have read them through clicking the topic from elsewhere on the site.

Yeah, I did click them to mark them as read even if I've read them by going directly to the article/thread before. Must be something else that caused it.

PS: OMG, quotes inside other quotes finally work. Amazing! Smilie

I posted the above post btw. Don't understand why it posted from Guest?

Also, when I posted from the Guest account, it was blank on the board view:

Image for

And how come there's a scroll bar under the image when it's been resized?

Edit 2:
Also, I've noticed the text editor for posts doesn't work properly. It underlines words as being misspelt when they aren't, and doesn't let me highlight text properly.

Edit 3:
Also the slider isn't working properly on the homepage.

( Edited 05.10.2012 14:29 by Hoj )

Hoj Pip

Also, when I send messages using the PM system, once I've sent one, it tries to redirect me but I get a "conversation doesn't exist".

Also, when I sign in, you have to press "Sign In" once you've filled your details in, you can't just press enter.

( Edited 08.10.2012 12:28 by Hoj )

Hoj Pip

Hoj said:
Also, when I send messages using the PM system, once I've sent one, it tries to redirect me but I get a "conversation doesn't exist".

I've been noticing the same issue each time I've sent a PM. Instead of redirecting me to the conversation in question, that error message appears and I get redirected to my PM inbox instead.

Sorry to bring so many issues! I haven't even made any other posts yet XD

Also, the line-height on the p tag is ridiculous. Suggest 18px.

( Edited 08.10.2012 12:30 by Hoj )

Hoj Pip

Hi Hoj,

Not a problem!

- I think the line-height on the paragraphs are fine - it may look a little big, but I think it makes it clearer to read/less clumped up, especially with longer paragraphs.

- Added the "enter" press to the login form, good call on that

- PM system issues fixed, not sure where it was going wrong

- Definitely agree on the registration form and the redirect timings, have shortened them up and fixed an issue with the Facebook/Twitter logins (they weren't working if www wasn't specified in the address.

- Slider works fine for me? Not sure what the issue is - unless you mean the top arrows also moving the slider?

- Still uncertain about the guest/login issues - have tried registering new accounts myself and all seem fine.

- Text editor is the best one we found - it does have issues when using Google Chrome though.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I'm still getting the middle click issue on Chrome JB D:

Seems all good now JB! I thought it was a never ending list, but you got on it all pretty quick I must say. Think I'll stick around now Smilie

( Edited 08.11.2012 09:43 by Hoj )

Hoj Pip

Lmao Az, just checked this again... ahaha. Terrible! Can't wait for Saturday <3

( Edited 24.08.2014 03:13 by Azuardo )

Hoj Pip

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